Marshalls deals

  1. Someone recently posted some deals from TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack. I stopped by Marshalls today and found Juicy terry cropped pants for $29, RL cable cashmere sweater for $59, Kate Spade aviator sunglasses that retail at $142 for only $15 and a pair of Gucci sunglasses which retail for $140 for $58. The Gucci glasses were missing a nosepad which was easily replaced for free at an Optical store.

    There was also a ton of designer denim...Antik, Earnest Sewn, 575, Hudson, SFAM, TRs, etc which were less than $100. I also saw Coach tall leather boots for $300 and some pairs of Cole Haan for like $39.

    Good deals!
  2. Hi - I recently picked up a pair of escada sunglasses for $15 and a pair of Marc Jacobs for $29.

    There are a lot of good just have to dig.
  3. the kate spade glasses looks really nicee
  4. My Marshalls has nothing the only "high end" sunglasses they have are JLo
  5. My Marshalls had similar stuff to what TJ Maxx had-- designer denim, Tahari, Coach, Dooney. They had a pair of Rock and Republic jeans (authentic, perfect condition) for only $58!

    I check everything carefully at Marshalls though, because I've seen fake Juicy there a few times :tdown:...
  6. Mine too. And even then they are usually broken, missing an entire lens, or scratched horribly.
  7. how can you tell that theyre fake juicy's??
  8. ^I was suspicious right away because the velour felt really thin flimsy, but it was the tags gave it away. Juicy couture has color coded size tags-- I wear L or XL and the tags are always green (for L) and light blue (for XL). These had orange tags on size XL. Also the stitching that attaches the tag to the garment will always be the same size as the garment. If the stitching is the same color as the tag, it's fake. These hoodies were brown velour with orange tags and orange stitching :s...
  9. ClaireZk is right. Orange tags are for size S, I think. I also read on this forum that Marshalls (or TJmaxx? I am not here) had fake 7 for all mankind. But it is possible that they were the results of customer returns.
  10. I think my Juicy cropped terry pants are legit. They've had a rack of just juicy stuff for a while as well as a rack of designer denim. I knew one of the managers who told me that ours was one of the best in town for brand name shipments so I do think those stores are tiered. It may have to do with being in an affluent suburban area to appeal to those particular customers. I think you just have to know what your're looking for in terms of authenticity and be wary of what looks fake.
  11. Definitely :yes:

    Marshalls would never knowingly purchase fakes, but the cashiers aren't necessarily trained to spot them. So I think when they do get slipped into the inventory it's via scammer/ customer returns.
  12. yeah, that's definitely true! when i go to some marshall's i see is really cheap crap, and then in other stores, amazing deals!
  13. Thanks!!! I usually go to TJ Maxx, but I need to check it out!