Marshall's? Coach and Michael Kors

  1. I have looked at a couple of boards to see if anyone has an opinion about Marshall's. I saw a really cute bag there today-it is the burnt orange Michael Kors woodland for $175.00 so I put it on lay-a-way until I can get any information. :wtf: Are their bags real? Seconds? I love this bag and the price is great. The tag has the words "FIRST QUALITY" on it. I bought a Coach Bumble bee tote there last year and the Bumble bee demi a few months ago but a friend told me that their bags are knockoffs. I saw on the news that Target has "impersonator" bags and now I'm a little concerned. Any advice anyone? Thanks in advance! Shonda
  2. all of the Michael Kors bags I have seen have appeared as rel as they come to me... Haven't really inspected the Coach simply because I always already have the ones I want...
  3. I think they are real and come from department stores that are getting ready for the next they sell to Marshall's and TJ's. You can always bring it home and post photos here....then you will feel better or return the bag.
  4. I've seen real Coach and Dooney bags at Marshall's and TJ Maxx many times. They are usually older bags that have moved down from the department stores to the discount stores. Go ahead and buy your bag!
  5. Thank you-all of you! I have never been a fan of burnt orange, but when I saw this bag I just loved it! I know that sounds insane but it must be the combination of form and color that really just clicks for me. Shonda
  6. Target may sell "knock-offs" which are really the look-alike bags, but don't have tags with the designer names like Coach or Gucci on it. But TJ Maxx and Marshalls sell real designer bags as well as the cheap bags that are "inspired" by the real designers. As long as it feels like good quality material and has the "coach" tag on it, I wouldn't hesitate buying it if I really liked it.
  7. I've also heard and believed (based on my experiences) that TJMaxx and Marshall's sell authentic stuffs only.
  8. I'm with you, that burnt orange color has had a hold on me lately, too! I stopped by Marshall's one day this week and found a Furla and a Perlina in burnt orange. I couldn't decide, so I carried them around while I looked at shoes. I ended up buying some beautiful burnt orange shoes, but put both the bags back because neither one would stay comfortably on my shoulder. Oh well.

    I did see some older Coach items that were definitely authentic and priced right.
  9. Yes, no worries...they are not in the business of selling fakes!
  10. Yes I believe they are authentic. However, Consumer Reports had an article a while ago about outlets and discount stores, etc. Some manufacturers actually make bags (and clothes) that are exclusively sold at outlets or discount stores. For example, a Ralph lauren shirt you buy at one of his outlets may be a shirt you will never see in a department store. It was made for the outlet. Brooks Brothers is notorious for this.

    I have a feeling that some coach bags are manufactured for discount places. I have seen many coach bags at Lohmans and other discount stores that i have never seen sold in an actual Coach store.

    With that in mind, buy away and have fun!
  11. I've also heard the same thing - some designers actually make clothes & bags exclusively for outlets. I guess this way, someone who purchased things at full price will never see somebody else getting it at a fraction of the price. I think Marshalls and TJ Maxx should be legit. IMO, they just have stuffs that are a few seasons back but hey, if you like it, who cares if they're old as long as you're comfortable carrying it. Good Luck! ;)
  12. marshall's and tjmaxx are definitely legit. sometimes you can even find current season stuff there! go for the MK bag you want!
  13. The Brooks Brother outlet items that are made just for outlets have "factory store" on the tags. But the outlets do carry items from regular stores as well.
  14. I've shopped at Marshall's all my life and I've never purchased anything but authentic stuff from 'em.
  15. Yes, they carry authentic stuff. I bought a Coach bag there last year, and saw the same bag at Saks two weeks later. I took it to a Coach store, and they told me it was authentic, but they also confirmed that some purses are made specifically for their outlet stores. If you know their collections well enough, you'll know which ones have never seen the inside of a full retail store!