Marshalls and Coach

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  1. I bought a fabulous crusher hat at Marshalls yesterday, and I probably would have gone for a bag as well, but didn't see any. A question for all the Marshalls regulars: are the Coach purses on the racks with all the other bags, or are they hidden away in a case or something? I guess I could have asked someone, but ya'l are so much more fun to chat with about coach! Here's the fab hat I got!!!

  2. No, they're out in the open with the rest of the bags. Which brings me to the same reason I don't like outlets. I hate rummaging.
  3. it really depends on the store.

    I've seen some stores (marshall/TJMaxx) with the bags just mixed in randomly. I've seen other stores where they are "chained" to one display shelf and you have to have some employee "unlock it" if you want to try it on or buy it. true marshalls/TJmaxx fashion...the hunt is half the fun.

    PS...where are my manners...ADORABLE crusher!
  4. very cool hat!! i think i have to take a ride by marshalls today
  5. I've seen it both a case, locked up, and hanging on the rack (maybe it depends on the price?)

    I love your hat!
  6. Absolutely love the hat! I have been wondering about getting one and I think you may have sold me on it!:tup:
  7. The hat looks great on you congrats!
    All the bags at the Marshalls near me are scattered on the racks. It's best to go when you have a lot of free time so you can do a thorough search.
  8. Tips for the Marshalls/TJ Maxx hunt for Coach!

    I worked for TJX company...they are NOT suppose to chain the bags or put them in a case EVER! But some do, however the best way to get the good Coach bags is to ask the manager or the customer service person on duty at the desk when the next truck is due. You have to get to the store early on the day the truck gets there. The dressing room person is the one that processes the bags and if you get there around 10:30 just go to the dressing room and ask if you can go through the new bags that haven't hit the floor yet. They put all the bags in these big roll away bins and you have to dig through them all, but it's worth it!
    The Coach bags usually sell the day they come in so you really have to be on top of it. Three weeks ago I found a Coach Poppy Gallery tote for $229.00.
    Happy hunting girls!!
  9. ^Thanks for the insider info! Great tips.

    And Megster that hat is so cute on you!
  10. This is so my mom!!! She's not hunting for Coach, but somehow she knows the day and time that the truck arrives and she makes sure to go on those days. Almost everything she buys comes from Marshalls/TJMaxx, but I can't do it. I don't have the patience to go through every single rack and find really nice stuff like she does. I may go and scan the bags and shoes, but if I can't see it, it isn't there.

    Oh, and that hat is really cute on you Megster!!

  11. I got this SAME hat in Hot pink about a month ago!! I love going to Marshalls and Tj Maxx... i've gotten about 5 bags at Marshalls and TJ maxx.... and one of my friends just found TWO really nice hard to find purses.... i love going there!! The surprises!!! YAY! I love going weekly to check... its sooo cool well at least i love it! :tup:
  12. at the marshall's and tjmaxx in my area...the coach,d&b,cole haan, bvlgari, and other well known brand bags have their own place in the store, they aren't chained or in a case, but they have their own wall away from the tommy, ralph lauren, liz claibourne type bags... i dont like getting bags from there though cuz I've seen them on the floor...and all kinds of people have had their hands on them...guess im picky... lol...but I've seen really nice things with great prices there
  13. I have always seen them right there with all the other bags.
  14. I have to admit for me it's the thril of the chase. You just never know what you will find! I'm always on the hunt! ..And I'm hungry like the wolf!... _forgive the eighties reference couldn't helpf myself :P
  15. That's another reason to get there on the day the trucks one's handled the bags yet! The Coach Poppy I got still had the plastic wrap on it when I pulled it out of the bin.