Marron! Reddish Brown or Purple Brown!?

  1. I've suddenly swooned over the Marron color, and I tried to get as many pictures of possible. I've seen some where it looks like a deep BROWN color with some red undertones. Then I've also seen some where its a purplish brown.

    Any help to the true color of Marron would be great, since i'm debating a purchase right now!

    Edit: Also was wondering are there any other similar colors out there, I'm looking for a deep brown with maybe some red undertones...but nothing too bright.
  2. It's a reddish brown, that (on mine) sort of reminds me of Bordeaux in certain light, but that is not to say I think it has purplish undertones, at all.
    I think it's sort of the color of redwood. It defintely has complexity.
  3. Oooh! It sounds pretty! I'll have to check this one out in person!:yes: I've been trying to sorta squint and the swatches and colors I've seen so far. It does look more of a reddish brown to me.
  4. redwood is an excellent description of the 04 marron color! its a perfect brown with reddish undertones.... gorgeous!
  5. GAH!!! I want a marron bag so bad I can taste it. Feck...:crybaby:
  6. Did you see the weekender that lvlady99 has on eBay now? I think it is 1099.
  7. that weekender looks so nice and the price is great. i am getting my twiggy from the same seller and will post pics when i get it.
  8. I have a 2004 marron twiggy, and it is definitely a brownish red. Mine has no purple-ish undertones to it at all. It is brownish in some light and brownish red/burgandy in other light. (by burgandy I mean of the reddish brown family - not purple.) It is definitely one of the most versatile colors, but I personally would not compare it to the newer bordeaux's. The new bordeaux's definitely have a purple undertone to them which I relate to being a "cool" color, and the marron is a color that I would relate to as being a "warm" color. I wouldn't say that it is a bright color, but very rich with color. Does that make any sense? It is also very hard to photograph I have learned....because it is such a unique color it varies from photo to photo. Hope that helps.
  9. YES I did...I need to just buy the darn thing and get it out of my system. LVLady99 is a great seller too. :girlsigh:
  10. That weekender is amazing. the Marron color resembles mahoghany in its reddish undertones. I have a Marron city and it gets mega compliments when I bring it out.
  11. Hi esiders,
    I'm sure this is old news already, but earlier today I saw a Marron City post on eBay...:graucho:
  12. OK fess up, who here bought that Marron Weekender from lvlady and put me out of my misery?! lol :lol: esiders was that you?