Marron Matelasse Pictures

  1. My new acquistion is here. I think I have answered some burning questions about the matelesse

    1. The MEDIUM matelasse is a great size - you could even fit a book and some bottle water along with your normal belongings. I could get my scarf, hat, and gloves plus my wallet, a brush, and a mini-notebook with room to spare.

    2. This bag, however, is not a shoulder bag, even for a very slim person (which I am not) BECAUSE if you have anything in the bag, on the shoulder is awkward - your arm makes the bag look like a sausage and, in turn, the bag makes your arm look like a sausage. The best way to wear it on your shoulder would be either empty or with one strap down.

    I am not sure if I will keep this beauty. I really like it but I prefer shoulder bags. hmmmmmmmm.

    Thanks for letting me share her

    on shoulder.jpg onshoulder3.jpg back no flash.jpg front no flash.jpg side no flash.jpg
  2. So cute! Love the silver on the Marron.
  3. Thanks for the comments Kathleen - certainly helped me... as I am tossing up whether this would be my next purchase.

    Although I like wearing bags on the crook of my arm or in my hand... sometimes after a long day, you need to have the option to throw it on your shoulder (when you are desperate, hands a full or just down right tired)... so its good to know the options available/or not available with this!
  4. It is so beautiful! Love the style! Let us know what you decide!
  5. I love the Matelasse! I like satchels though. If you really prefer to carry a bag on your shoulder maybe you will be happier with another style. The Day is a great shoulder bag. The Purse too is fabulous but is probably hard to find.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. I am debating myself now if I should get the Matelasse or a black city. I already have a city, maybe Matelasse is my next choice.
  7. That bag is so gosh darn gorgeous. I am a shoulder bag person, too, but I may make a rare exception for this just cause its so purty. I'm just hesitant about paying full price since I think its extremely expensive.
  8. Love the style!
    I think the silver hardware brings out the quilted sides beautifully~!
    Very fun bag!! So cute

    I can see it's definitely not an over the shoulder bag... bummer..
  9. So pretty! I think it looks great on you. However if you prefer shoulder bags, this one might not be the best choice. I personally don't mind carrying bags in my hands or by my elbow......

    Anyways, I think it looks amazing gorgeous on you and the style will last a long time.

    Take your time to think about it.

    By the way, I like your expression on the sausage part : )


    (I was cracking up in front of my laptop and my DH was looking at me like....are you OK....?......hehe)
  10. I love it but I am a shoulder bag girl. I tend to fall for satchels and then get tired of hand carrying it.
  11. I really like this. I saw the new Bal's in Neimans and the hardward on them look cartoonish. I may go for this one instead. It look great.
  12. Congrats & enjoy your gorgeous bag!
  13. Oh GOD ... you're killing me! I want this bag in the LARGE size!

    BTW ... I used one of my Black City straps to hook onto the bag when I was in Europe; worked like a charm!
  14. She's so cute, I want to squish her!
  15. love it! I finally found this in black and i'm thrilled! the leather is so soft! a gorgeous bag!