Marron First -- Starting bid 500

  1. I don't remember it being that dark...pretty though!
  2. you are right.
    i've asked for a clear photo of the tag to check and make sure we don't have to take this thread down.
  3. it is '05 so that could be right (assuming the hardware and everything checks out).
  4. That would be the F 05 Marron, which is a chocolate color...not the pretty burgundy-ish one from 04. Right?
  5. Yes!! I have both and while the '04 is my favorite colored bbag, the '05 is a really rich and nice chocolate brown.
  6. Very nice! Great price too!
  7. What a rich brown color! Very nice!
  8. That is very nice!
  9. WOW ... yummy classique :drool: :P ! Thank you for posting 'K' winona :love: :flowers:
    Good luck everyone ;)
  10. Chocolate, yummy!
  11. oh, i wish it was the 04 marron!!!!! still pretty though.
  12. how come no one has bid on this yet?
  13. is this the real deal?
  14. The price got re-listed to $475 last night