Marron day or wait for rouge theatre?


Should I keep my marron day?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. this is a sad sad day for me...i placed an order for a rouge theatre day yesterday, and i was so excited. i just called terry to confirm my order, but she was mistaken...they have the vermillion and grenat in stock. i knew it was too good to be true. :crybaby:

    i just got my greige twiggy and marron day, which i both love. i was just going to keep my greige, but now that there is no more rouge day, should i keep my marron day?

    TIA :flowers:

  2. i would say keep it until u found ur rouge theatre :yes:
  3. keep it! It goes with almost everything. By the time you find your rouge theatre, you can have them all! The brown will go with things that the rouge won't and vice versa.
  4. i feel your pain -- i think many of us got prematurely excited about the bags listed in terry's inventory only to be sorely disappointed. sorry.

    as for the marron day, i'm not sure why it's one or the other (spoken like a true bbag addict, i know). seriously though, everyone can use a brown and a red in their collection so unless you don't love the marron or can't afford both if a rt day pops up, then keep it.
  5. keep it, it's a nice bag actually.
  6. If you love your Marron, then keep it. If it's just a hold-over bag, then you can sell it once you track down a rouge theatre.
  7. If you love it : I agree with Sea !!
  8. thanks for your advice everyone :flowers: someone bought my bag w/ a BIN before i could end my auction. why must i be so indecisive? :sad:
  9. here's an marron day is here to stay!:yahoo:i have no browns in my collection, so this will be a keeper.
  10. Yay! I am glad you are getting to keep her. I love the marron and it looks so good in the day style. Good luck finding a rouge theatre!
  11. thanks circoit! :flowers: i keep looking at my marron day and admiring the color. it's so darn versatile! it so does remind me of my 05 chocolate twiggy only not as dark. the distressing reminds me of allyboop's city...a vintagey vibe.

    forgive me, everyone...i'm known to be indecisive. :s