marron city anyone???

  1. i just sent percephonie a pm (although she probably saw it already). i hadn't even seen the dark handles. must look next time.

    the color is gorgeous (as is the leather)
  2. Yeh everything is gorgeous appart from the handles!
  3. hmmmm maybe you can bargain girl??? you'll never know...the color is sooo gorgeous!!!:love:
  4. dumb questions but how do the handles get so dark? does it take a long time? is it just this leather? i assume if you carry your bbags on your shoulder, you can avoid this?
  5. I dunno, not to keen on dirty handles unfortunately.

    Chigirl, I've always wondered the same thing! Are our hands so dirty??
  6. i don't blame you. i was so excited when i saw it because i knew someone had been looking for it and it was a reputable seller.

    note to self -- check out the bag first.

    maybe the oils in our hands. from now on, i am always putting my bbags on my shoulder.
  7. ^^ yup the seller is very nice!!! I bought my pistachio classique from her:love:
  8. You're so sweet chigirl thanx!
    Damn I'm going to have to be careful with my fake tan lotion from now on! Don't want to darken my lovely bags!
  9. I am not that sweet. I would have grabbed it if you didn't -- except for the dirty handle thing.

    No fake tan lotion unless it matches the color of the bag!

    I am glad I saw this because I am definitely going to be super careful from now on. I thought the darkening happened only to the light bags because of dirt but I really think it is our oils or something.
  10. yikes, those dark handles make me think i'd better spray my bags :amazed:

    p.s. it's otherwise a gorgeous bag & i :heart: the color!!!
  11. also, I've noticed that darkened handles ALWAYS show up worse in photos than they appear in real life.

    And spraying your handles and not carrying them in your hand prevents the handles from darkening :smile:
  12. ...but I'd like to add, that this bag looks really gorgeous - and if I needed another brown tone bbag I would get it, I am almost positive it would be a million times more gorgeous in person, and it really is a good price. :smile:
  13. gals, why do you think the b-bag SA's recommend not spraying our bags (?)
  14. why did you have to say that??????? :rant: :rant: :rant: