Marron and Chocolate

  1. If you have 2 chocolate bags, would you consider another one in Marron? :confused1:
    Does anyone have any pics?

  2. I have recently taken an interest in Marron Fonce .... after seeing it in a Ulysee .... In togo, the tone of brown is very dark. It's the colour of dark chocolate, literally. Chocolate like box calf for example is like milk chocolate.

    It would be a fabulous colour for AW2007. If you are into getting colours for AW versus SS, yeah, it's a nice dark colour. I always look at small leather goods at my store ... they usually are clues as to what will come in the next season ..... ;)
  3. Maybe not, I would go for another completely different color group just to get some color into my collection :smile:
  4. I have 2 different red bags and that feels like too many in the same color family for me...could you part with one you have for the new one??