marron 04 twiggy good Buy it now

  1. hmmmmmmmm, i feel like i've seen that one on e-bay recently (?)
  2. It looks pretty. I like that color, but the handles hold me back. Hmm...I wonder if betises was able to clean the black handles on the 04 marron that she got...
  3. Is this the same seller that sold betises her city??
  4. yes, I think so! That's why her name seemed familiar to me!
  5. I actually think the handles are a lot better on this one (they always seem to photograph worse than in real life) I wish I liked twiggies!
  6. Thanks, Pupster! That's what I thought, too.
    Varsha - you're not going for it then? I've heard so many positive things on the marron's great leather.
    The handles do look lighter than the one on the city...
  7. cate, nope i'm not going for it but I hope someone here gets it, the condition to me seems very very good. The leather was tempting me but I'm just not a twiggy person...
  8. Oh, I understand how you feel. All I have are cities right now, and I can't quite bring myself to get another style.

    Good luck to whoever wins this!!
  9. wow, the leather looks really nice on the 04 marron bags!
  10. i saw this too. the handles are a little dark but really not that bad.
    this color is so rich and deep too.
  11. The color is just gorgeous...but dark handles of any kind are my pet peeve....the leather looks yummy too!
  12. the handles dont look dark to me- just the natural patina of a bag that has been loved! Dark handles are sort of matte, caused by a buildup of skin oils, heat, use and dirt, but i dont think thats the case here. this one looks like it has been used like 20 times (estimation) and the handles look a little burnished, but not black. I have a marron city and my handles looked darker than this in photos and IRL they arent dark at all!

    the leather on the 04 marron is fabulous! and the color has red undertones- I compare it to a burnt sienna color, very luminous and changey! good luck to the lucky chica who snatches this one up!