Married men and their rings?

  1. Dh and I often wonder this when we notice it. . .

    Why do someone married men not wear a ring?:shrugs:
    I'd kill my DH if he didn't wear his as I know for sure he'd be crushed if I didn't wear mine.

    Anyone wonder about this?
  2. I know some men say they don't like to wear jewelry. :shrugs:

    But I'm with you Swanky, if my husband (when I get married) doesn't wear his ring, he will be kissing his shoe collection goodbye in a bonfire on the front yard. That's his warning. He only gets one.
  3. swm03

    YeahI notice it here in the UK a lot too. Sometimes some men are not comfortable with jewellery (not my DH he loves his wedding band) unfortunately there are also a number of men who take it off to pretend that they are not married! Not the type of man you want to deal with in my opinion!
  4. ^I think that "I don't like jewelry" is BS personally.
    My DH doesn't like men in jewelry at all, weird being that he's from NY, LOL!

    That's why he's perplexed by this too.
  5. I would be pretty dang pissed off if my husband (if i get married) doesn't wear a ring. If he doesn't, then I'm not going to either AND I'm going to kick his butt~:rant:
  6. I agree, it's definitely bs. It's just a ring, even if the guy doesn't like jewelry, surely he can put that measly little ring on for 12 hours a day (take it off before sleeping to avoid cutting off blood flow)??? I mean, when I first started wearing any sort of rings, it took some getting used to but pretty soon I got used to it. If a guy care enough about his relationship, he will wear the ring. it's not like it's a sacrifice or something.:rant:

    You know what? I think men should start wearing engagement ring too. Why should women be the ones who are wearing the ring (and telling everyone that they're now off the market) while engaged guys are still ringless? I know that in some European countries, engaged guys wear rings too.
  7. DH never wore any jewelry, was not comfortable with it and never got a ring when we were married, and we just celebrated our 30th. So it's not BS some Men do not like to wear any rings or bracelets.
  8. Some men just forget to put it on, at the gym or anywhere they have to use their hands for lifting or working, that's why my husband has his tatooed on!!!

    I swear it wasn't my idea, he wanted to be like tommy lee and pam,.. I didn't do it, I couldn't go through the pain after seeing him do it! :angel:
  9. My husband does not wear his wedding ring. It kind of annoys me, but I think he doesn't like it. (We didn't have much money back then, so it is just a plain white gold band.) He does usually put in on when he goes on business trips. This September is our 10th Anny, so I am thinking of getting him a new ring.
  10. You know what? I think men should start wearing engagement ring too. Why should women be the ones who are wearing the ring (and telling everyone that they're now off the market) while engaged guys are still ringless? I know that in some European countries, engaged guys wear rings too.[/quote]

    Here here about the engagement thing. Totally agree. It's weird when you talk about European countries. I'm married to a Dutch guy and they do not believe in engagement rings. Basically when you get engaged you buy a wedding band and the only difference is that when you get married you get the band engraved! I was having none of that missing out on an engagement ring. All those years of looking at rocks i told him we had to break the mould!!!! Thankfully he agreed...
  11. I know a lot of the police that work in my building don't wear them..but they say it's because it gets in the way of their work?? Not sure..but if it were my husband...the ring is going to be superglued!
  12. I understand. . . I guess just disagree:yes:
    If men expect their wives/fiancees to wear their ring, they should do it too.
    I didn't mean it's BS, like they're lying about not liking jewelry. My DH doesn't like jewelry at all. But he feels it's important to wear it and got used to it very quickly after our wedding. He forgets he even has it on.

    I mean it's BS that guys don't wear them. . . it's BS *to me*.
    Well, actually BS to my DH too . . . he comes home from business trips talking about it to be honest . . .
  13. My father doesn't wear his wedding band... however he works 10 hours a day... outside. My father is the type of guy that when he goes to work, he wears boots, jean shorts, and a sleeveless shirt and when he arrives at work he's required to wear hot, nasty coveralls for the entire day (he's an electrician). When he's not at work, he wears something similar. I've never even seen him wear a suit... or ANY type of jewelry. It's just hot him.

    Now... my older brother (is 22)... he wears a ring his girlfriend gave him... and a watch... and a gold necklace... and he's also in business and wears business apparel.

    I think it has a huge thing to do with your daily lifestyle. HUGE. It's a pain in the butt to take things on and off to accomodate your daily activities and things are more likely to become lost. I wear two rings I never take off, I have 5 piercings and wear no earrings... I wear no necklaces. *shrug*

    Just because a man doesn't wear his wedding band, it doesn't mean he doesn't love his wife or his marriage. It's just personal preference. IMO
  14. ^I can TOTALLY understand men not wearing them while doing manual labor or working w/ their hands :yes:
    If I were married to that guy, I'd be hurt if he didn't wear it while not working though. . .
    it's just a 'thing' I have! LOL!
  15. I can honestly say I've never even seen my dad's wedding band. I think he has more fun upgrading my mother's than showing off his own. LOL!
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