Married Man Syndrome

  1. I was watching the Today show and they had a segment on women who go only after married men. :wtf: I'm speechless and thankful that I have all the trust in my relationship.

    What's your take on this. Have you ever had a female be so obvious flirting with your SO right in front of you?. What do you do?
  2. Girls alwyas ALWAYS flirt with my SO .. it bugs the **** out of me.. but theres not mch i csn do about it.. i trust him so it doesnt bother me tooooo much...

    i know why girls go after married men.. its the whole them being unattainable..
  3. I consider it a compliment to my good taste. ;)
  4. ^ hahah i look at it that way too sometimes
  5. I don't think it's possible to stoop any lower than hitting on a married man.

    Girls hit on my b/f all the time and sometimes in front of me....but if I notice I usually just give him a really hot kiss and then smile at the in "he is hot isn't he?? and he's all mine!!" lol
  6. It doesn't bother me when someone hits on my husband. My husband HATES it when other men look at me. He feels so disrespected. I understand that this is something that happens. If someone hits on my husband I take it as a compliment. There are a lot of girls willing to take my place. Like he says he has too much to lose! If I found out a girl took the flirting too far, I would (attempt to) whoop her butt!!!
  7. Sometimes I smile to myself, sometimes I just glare at them until they stop. hehe
  8. it's disrespectful and completely immoral.
    People like that have SERIOUS issues and I would never, ever surround myself w/ people like that.
    These girls, or guys that go after married women are ruining other people's lives, they should be ashamed.
  9. I pretend not to notice and then kill her with kindness, works like a charm ;)
  10. I think it's so inconsiderate for someone to go after a married/taken man/woman. It's like most of them do it not because they genuinely like the man/woman but it's to feed their ego. What's even more messed up is if the married/taken man/woman reciprocates.
  11. ^Agree 100%.
  12. Good point Baby Boo. Do you think that translates into the woman having a fear of commitment? In other words, nothing would be required of the pursuer and therefore the behavior is self-serving.

    Why would someone go after a married man or woman?! I don't get it. :shrugs:

  13. I completely agree!
  14. I second that!

    But I did get a kick out of one incident when a couple of guys were totally checking my husband out right in front of me as we walked past their table. I asked him if he noticed and he said yeah, but after living in Northern Cal for awhile, he got used to it. :lol:
  15. I'm really not surprised. I know a lot of girls who try to steal other women's boyfriends/fiances/husbands. I just think those people are immature and have no self esteem.