Married Ladies - Did you change your name?

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When you got married YOU:

  1. kept my name the same

  2. took husband's name

  3. Hyphenated!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Did a search to see if this had been asked before and nothing came up, so here goes:

    It's one of my new year's resolutions (which I rarely make) to clean up the MESS which is my legal name. I currently, LEGALLY have 2 first names and 2 last names. My first name is a name which I never use and was never called, since I have always gone by my middle name. Then I really had to make my life miserable by HYPHENATING my last name when I got married. On every credit card I have, there is a different name... It has gotten so bad that it's affecting my credit rating. I hate this.

    Anyway - I am thinking of doing this: Axing my "first" name altogether, since it's useless and no one knows me by that name. I will now use my SECOND name as my first name. I want to legally use my maiden name as my middle name, and use my husband's last name as my last name.

    I have a LOT of credit cards, passport, SIN #... oh it's gonna take me the better part of 2007 to get all this sorted out.

    But I want to know, from all the married ladies out there - Did you change your name when you got married? If so - why? If not, why not?
  2. I always thought I wouldn't change my name-but, once married, I decided to change.

    Why? Simple-i wanted to share the same last name as my child (my eldest son was born before we were married) already had and the one my future children would have. I just thought it would be nicer for all of us to have the same name
  3. I'm not married (yet!) but if I were to get married, I would change my last name =)
  4. I kept my name. I wanted to hyphenate my name but it'll take alot of work like what whistlerchic mentioned. I want to get a go on it after our vacation next year. ;)
  5. I took my husbands name. There's no way I would have hyphenated my name as it would be incredibly long.
  6. I was the opposite, I always thought I would change my name, but when faced with the prospect of actually doing it - I felt like I would lose my identity, b/c so much of who I thought I was, was wrapped up in my name. Also I felt like, hey - I have a perfectly good name, why should I get a new one? (if only I felt like that about handbags...!)

    Our 1st daughter was also born before we were married, and I passed my little problem on to her!!! She also has a hyphenated last name, so she and I share the pain. My other two kids were born after I married my DH, so they have his last name only.
  7. When we got married I took my husband's last name. I dropped my middle name though and kept my maiden name as my middle name. I like it this way :love:

    I took my husband's last name because I wanted to have his name. But I'm an only child and I'm a girl so my family name would end with me so out of respect for them I wanted to keep it. Thats why I chose it as my middle name!!!
  8. Oh-just wanted to say-that I might have hyphenated except for the fact that my maiden name and hubby's last name are similiar, very ethnic, same ethnicity sounding names and they just would have sounded ridiculous together.
  9. I changed my name when I got married. Why? I guess I'm traditional in that sense. I never contemplated hyphenating my name because years before I got married I saw the comedian George Carlin doing a segment on women who hyphenate their names. It was pretty funny. The jist of it was "pick a f*!* name!"
  10. I changed my name. I hate the hyphen. I hate in last names of married women and I hate it in race naming. Example: African-american, Jewish-american, etc. I hate it hate it hate it:yucky:
  11. I took my hubby's name, I didn't really think about that much to be honest.
  12. It's a tradition in my family ~ wife takes husband's last name and maiden name becomes wife's middle name.
  13. I love that. Wish I'd known about that 9 yrs. ago!
  14. I did not change my name! My husband thinks the whole name change thing is silly and out of date since it originated when wives used to be the "property" of husbands. His 2 sisters did not change their names when they got married either.
  15. I tried to keep both, unhyphenated. It hasn't really worked too well. My work first started printing name tags for me with all 3 names, but I was always listed with just my first name and my husband's name in the e-mail system, and eventually my nametags just had the two names as well. It is frustrating--I don't feel like the person who my first name combined with husband's last name is. I just don't really identify with it, and it's a somewhat boring name. I sortof wish I had just kept my old name--c'est la vie.