Marriage and LV <3

  1. Ok, so, my fiance KNEW what he was getting into when falling in love with me (and me him of course, lol). He knew that there was ALWAYS gonna be another man in my life and that's good 'ol Louis V.

    So, I guess it was only a matter of time. The other night he, next week (our wedding & 1st half of honeymoon) what day are we going to LV? I'm like...uhhh....all of them? LOL. It's like he's feebly submitted to the fact that LV is here to stay.....and more so wants to buy me one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, I'm making a list. He really keeps me in super check with bag sprees, so, it'll be good for me cause I won't be tempted or allowed to spend so much all the time. One bag at a time like he philosophy I suppose.. >.> Anyways, lol.... I have complied a list of my LV wedding gift, Woo!

    Here's what I have so far and what do you think would be the best or nicest!

    - Denim Mini Pleaty in Fuschia (in they have) and Rivets Pochette
    - Denim Neo Speedy in Fuschia (again, if it's there)
    - Mono Beverly MM
    - Possibly a Dentelle anything if it's sitting there unclaimed and abandoned prehaps (originally hated the line, now sorta dig it)
    - Mini Lin Speedy 30 with an accessory
    - Manhattan PM
    - Batignolles Horizontal with an accessory
    - White MC Petite Noe
    - Black MC Alma


    If you see a girl w/ pink streaks in her hair and a dude with a black & red mohawk in LV, LV Saks, LV Bloomies or LV Macy's in Manhattan (yeah...I'll be making the, please come over say hi to us next week! =p (I'll prob. be carrying my Mirroir or Cerise Speedy)

  2. Wow CONGRATS! LOL I think you should get everything on your list! :graucho: But my vote would be the fuschia Neo Speedy, Manhattan PM, and black MC Alma! Enjoy your honeymoon and buy lots of LV! :party:
  3. ooooooo, choices, choices, choices!!!

    how about the MC Trouville in white? otherwise I'd go with the fushia neo speedy and then the batignolles horizontal.

    Have fun fun fun in NYC!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!
  4. Gayle, go for the neo speedy or the bh! I hope they have it in stock at the boutiques you visit.
  5. :woohoo: Congratulations!!! Great choice for a mate, by the way.
    Fuschia speedy!! nice & summery ....and, added bonus...matches your hair.
  6. Manhattan PM!! very classy bag and not common..
  7. congrats on your wedding next week!! your fiance is smart to let you keep the "other man" in your life. ;)

    i would go for either the fuschia denim (either one but neo more) and the manhattan pm (classic bag and sassy!).

    good luck and have a great honeymoon!
  8. congrats on the upcoming wedding gayle!:yahoo:
    i say manhattan to always remember your honeymoon in NYC....:heart:
    have the most wonderful time!:flowers:
  9. I am voting for the mini lin speedy and congrats on your wedding and have fun at honeymoon!
  10. Ok well here goes:

    I'd get a mono bag for everyday, a pochette for nighttime and when you need something small, a white mc something for spring/summer, a ivorie epi something cause it's just so pretty, and a dentelle pochette wallet. If you will only get one bag on this trip then I say look at them all in the shop and try them on to see which one strikes you the most. Hope you have fun on your shopping trip!!
  11. Congrats first! and second i think with your stylee you would totally rock to Neo Speedy, the MC Petit Noe or the MC Alma!
  12. hehe you're so cute!

    If you ask me, I'd choose the manhattan PM or MC Noe PM:yes: have fun shopping!
  13. Congrats on your upcoming wedding and I hope you have a great time on your trip.
  14. Best Wishes!

    My husband gave me a Mono Speedy 25 for my wedding gift.

    What a great way to spend part of your honeymoon!:smile:
  15. You are so cute. I would go for the fuschia speedy and congrats on your upcoming nuptuals!