Marraige Liscenses

  1. Is there a way to search online to find out if a person is married? I know there are court case search engines online, but what about a site that will show if there is a marraige certificate on file for a person :confused1:
    I know this sounds a little weird but if a person is dating a person they suspect is married this would be a good way to find out.
    And no this is not about me, I am happily married :p
  2. There should be a hall of records in your state. They have records of marriages & births. In Mass, it is in Boston & they charge you a small fee to go in & look. If you know what state the marriage would have taken place in, look their state up online (each state has its own government website & search for marriage license), you may also be able to get a phone # off the site & you could call & ask someone who would know more for your specific state.

    Hope that is of some help!
  3. Just looked it up for Mass.

    It is maybe the same for your state?

    Also, it is called the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics

    And... it has deaths too!
  4. Yes, What MassLaw stated is true. Most times these records are found in the Vital Statistics office of the state where the person was married. You'll need to know the county--that would be helpful and make things faster.

    If you are not a resident of that state and can't go to the office directly, there is usually a form of some sort that you can download from their site and fill it in to request the information you are looking for.

    Most times there will be a box that ask you to state your relationship to the person you are requesting the information for and your reason for doing so. I don't really think it matters since the information is public but I'm unsure. I think some states are getting a little tougher about their handling of this information and who they give it out to because of the identity theft crisis. So if the person is still living..the information MAY be more difficult to may have to send in information about yourself---copy of license etc...

    You can also phone in a request. Both will cost a small fee.

    I've been doing my family genealogy for a couple of years now and have dealt with them a lot in a couple of states and they are all usually very nice, helpful and there is a quick turnaround...all of the people I've reached have been deceased for decades of I never had a problem getting the info. HTH
  5. Also, the person you are talking about could just ask the person he/she is dating for their divorce record (those are public also btw). A person who is divorced should have no problem presenting those papers to someone he/she is dating. If they don't then I'd run in the other

  6. LOL...I'm sorry. I meant to type--..all the people I have researched (great great great grandparents....etc)have been deceased for decades....
  7. I'm sure there is within a state... but there would be a BIG loophole to this one, that I fall into...

    My husband & I were married in Nashville, TN - but we've never lived there... We were living in Illinois at the time we got married, and now we live in Michigan... so for it be thorough, there would have to be a search engine that could search the entire US!!

    So if you looked for a marriage record for us in MI, there wouldn't be one! ;)

    (And they were still using a traditional book system there 2 years ago... so who knows!)