Marquises- Perfect for Work?

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  1. Ladies and Gents...

    I have been through every bag there is trying to find the most perfect work bag. I have loved and not loved many. I am looking for an all around great, understated lightweight bag, and I am hoping this is it.

    Is Goyard still understated? Do we think that this particular Goyard would be good for work- I was thinking the black on practical is this, and is it worth the $2250 price tag?

    I love that it appears more structured than the St. Louis, that it zips, and it looks a little more sophisticated...just wondering it it is worth the price for canvas....

    I know...lots of questions, but hopefully you all can help!
  2. I do not believe it is worth it if you are looking for understated. There are plenty of other designer bags that are lovely and are understated. Get Goyard accessories and get a different work bag :smile:
  3. you are right- I guess....I live in DC, and there are plenty of Goyard totes here I guess...