Marquises blue : light and navy only?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    New to the Goyard forum. I'm deciding on a blue goyard but I just want to check if there are only 2 blues for Marquises : light and navy. Goyard HK confirmed this. Is that true? No cobalt blue like in the pic (see middle bottom row). Thanks in advance!

  2. Yes only two blues.
  3. The bags on your picture are fake. But for reference, the Goyard light blue color looks most like the middle bottom row. ;)
  4. Many thanks, vagabag and MrGoyard! Been drooling over the Marquises style for 2 years. Finally decided to end my agony and get one only to be disappointed by Goyard HK - the 2 blues are out of stock. As much as I love the burgundy and the lovely green, I don't want to spend on a color which I felt is only second to what I REALLY want. Heck, I waited this long, right? ;)

    Thanks again!
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    You should decide quickly! The Marquise is being discontinued and stock is limited. Good luck!
  6. YW! Their colored products are limited, which means that they are quite hard to get. I am actually waiting for a navy card case for three months now. It's a matter of patience and luck sadly, but this makes it extra exciting once it's available!

    Like c18027 mentioned, the Marquises is sadly discontinued, but let's keep our fingers crossed that there will still be a shipment of sky blue's to come. :smile:
  7. I know!!!! Hahaha!!! In HK now but the available colors are orange, yellow, green and burgundy. Will get it somewhere else instead ;)
  8. Hahaha! The hard-to-get game does make it extra exciting and rewarding once you get it! :smile:
    The mother store (saint honore) told me that they stopped Marquises production for about a month already. So those with Marquises instantly have a "classic-vintage" on their hands! ;)
  9. Ahw that's a bummer!

    What about an Artois or Sac Hardy?
  10. Tried both and thought that Sac Hardy looks too slouchy and I'm not a fan of the holes while artois is too small for the price. Marquises is more refined and can carry a lot so my heart is really set on it. Thank you for the recos! :smile: