Marquise Veneta on Bluefly -- what do you think?

  1. I'm shopping for my first BV and, of course, am hoping to find a good deal ;) -- what do you think of the Marquise pattern on this medium Veneta?

    Is it too summery or does it limit the classic-ness of the BV shape? Bluefly isn't exactly giving it away (it's $1288) but that's about $200 less than the Veneta on the BV website.

    I don't live near a boutique, so I'm hoping to get some advice from you all! I love reading about your bags and seeing all the great photos. Thanks for your help,


  2. Hi Juliela and welcome!

    I was never a big fan of the marquise look in pics but BVs always seem even more scrumptious in person so you might give it a try - you can always return it :yes:

    I do know several stores had the marquise bags marked down even further a month or so ago but they might be gone....

    If you order it, REMEMBER to look at the DEALS & STEALS subforum for additional Bluefly discount codes. I've always gotten more than the standard 20% off anything I've ordered from Bluefly :yahoo:
  3. juliela-unless you love it you should pass. it's still expensive and if for an extra $200. you can get the bag you seem to really want then you should wait.
  4. I agree with the others -- only buy what you absolutely LOVE -- it's just not worth saving $200. Me personally, I'm not a huge fan of the marquise...
  5. I think the additional canvas used make the marquise design makes the bag a bit stiffer than the regular woven leather venetas. I tried one on at Saks and it felt like cardboard. I would hold out for a regular veneta; there have been a few on sale at bluefly but you have to keep an eagle eye out!

    Welcome to BV and we look forward to seeing your first bag!
  6. Thank you all for the good advice -- I will wait until I find the bag that really speaks to me!

    This pink cosmetic bag sure is a cutie....

  7. Now that's a beauty! Soft nappa leather, gorgeous BV pink, can't go wrong and if it's a good deal...well then even better!
  8. You can also use the quarzo makeup bag as a clutch. I'm too paranoid to actually put makeup in mine, LOL. In terms of the marquise I think it disrupts that natural intrecciatio pattern that makes BV classic.
  9. While the marquise is interesting, in my opinion, one of the best parts of a veneta bag is how well they hang. I think that the pattern on the marquise would interrupt that. I would hold out and pay a little more to get the classic.
  10. I would get the classic as well! The makeup pouch is pretty though. Maybe you can get that instead :heart:
  11. Juliela, medium classics are on sale for $999 at! If you want one -- hurry fast!
  12. Thanks for the tip, valkyrie360! They sure look authentic -- have you ever bought a BV from The return policy looks typical (30 days) so I just might take the plunge! :yes:

  13. I have heard that is very reliable. Personally, I would order from them!
  14. I was just gonna say the same thing. Personally up close seeing the white canvas on the marquise is a bit of a turn off for me. Good luck in your search, I hope you get your BV soon!
  15. We all seem to agree--wait for a BV you will love, love, love! To me, the Marquise just never had a classic enough look to it. They should be marking them waaaay down to sell them.

    Good luck finding the bag that is meant for you!