Marquis -- New Tote Alert

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  1. Saw one at the SF store and it is lovely! :tup:
  2. hehe, I keep looking at the Fidjis hanging in the background...
  3. wow! based on the pic... the store is well stocked. Was that taken recently? I spy some Fidji's at the back.
  4. Ohh it's so lovely! I like it
  5. Hi, lainer73! Thanks for your information. I was thinking whether there exists sth like a St.Louis with a zipper and you gave me these information. But I got a question regarding its size, by any chance, did you see/hear about different sizes of this tote? i.e. PM or GM?
    Thanks a lot.:biggrin:
  6. Would be great for work...anyone know if it is lightweight like the St. Louis?
  7. Really like it but wish it came in more colors! Orange would be nice
  8. I work for Goyard in San Francisco and am excited to announce we just got the Marquises in our store!! It's a lovely tote that can be used casually or for work!
  9. Hi GoyardGirl, thanks for the info, I do love the bag, when I ask my Sister to call Barneys the info she got is it will be available in February. Does you're store have it in orange and yellow??
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    Welena: We dont have the orange or yellow in yet. We have Lt.Blue, red, and burgundy. xxxxxxxx not allowed!
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    Welena: on a 2nd note, we are getting some in this shipment in Orange and Yellow. it should be here either end of this month or mid January. xxxx not allowed!
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    Hi Goyardgirl, I really love the orange, I will leave for Las Vegas tomorrow and heading to Michigan on the 23rd, I will stay there until 13 January. I will appreciate very much if you could help me to get the orange. If you could send me your contact details in this email add. - x, I will contact your store once I arrived in the US.
    Thanks a lot.
  13. Hi Goyard Girl, will be marquis be available in the tan/brown on black? Can it be monogrammed w/ the Goyard logo?
  14. Ooo I like it!
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