Maroon Sloane Arrived

  1. Gorgeous! I don't think I have even seen the Sloane in a color I did not love! Love the Sloane! :heart::love::cloud9: It's a great bag! Enjoy!
  2. Stunning color! Congrats!
  3. Thanks oladushki, LT, ILYNN! LT_bag_lady, now I really understand why you're the master enabler.. :smile: Sloane definitely is my most favorite bag too, hmm should I get it in another color?? Well, bag ban is on, maybe next season. ;)
  4. Always love sloane. This color GORGEOUS!
  5. I've just recently actually seen the Sloane -- and, wow, now I get what all the fuss is about. It might be BV's most beautiful shoulder bag. So perfect that you found it in your fav color, too - congratulations!
  6. Lovely!!
  7. Thanks!! dpt, I think I had a similar experience as you. Before I tried the sloane in person, I didn't realize how lovely it is and I've probably missed out some great deals on it too. But once I saw it in person at a BV store and tried it out, it's definitely love at first sight and just couldn't go back anymore. :smile:
  8. Lovely bag! Congrats!
  9. Congrats!! maroon + solane is really TDF! :love:
  10. Beautiful bag! I just ordered a bag in Maroon but now I'm confused on what tone Maroon is after seeing your bag? In your opinion is it more purplish or redish?
  11. It's definitely a true Maroon color. Mostly Reddish with brown undertone. But the color does look slightly darker on the Light Calf skin than the nappa.

    Regardless, it's a pretty color and please do a reveal when you receive yours! :smile: Which bag is it BTW?

  12. Thanks for the description. Since I purchased it on line and haven't received it yet I was a bit unsure:smile: I got the Julie which has a combination of smooth, woven and braided leathers. I've always loved this bag and almost got it in the Fire color but feared it just wouldn't be versatile enough and although I'm not a black bag girl but I do own a black Veneta (love) Maroon seemed like a perfect color that would be a great neutral:biggrin: Yes I'll do a reveal, good or bad when it arrives. Keeping my fingers crossed :cool:
  13. Stunning! Love the color!!
  14. BVmutAddict you totally hooked me on the maroon Sloane with your reveal! I managed to score one from Ruelala today - soooo excited and can't wait for it to arrive.

  15. Congratulations!!! We're not bag twins. :smile: Hope you'll love it. Let us know how that goes when it arrives!