Maroon color?

  1. where can i find a thread with pic of the maroon color. it looks like a dark that right?

    TIA :smile:
  2. I adore maroon.. it's a dark burgundy color, but it appears to be purple/eggplant. It has red suede lining. Here are pics of my former Maroon Sophia:
    front.jpg pockets.jpg inside.jpg
  3. Oh thithi.. I LOVE that Sophia. I really want one of these. They look like such a great size! And maroon looks very pretty.
  4. I :heart: :heart: maroon!
    I have a maroon blake and recently found a maroon sophia at off 5th.
    I debated about returning the sophia since I would have 2 same color bags, but just couldn't do it! It is my absolute favorite color!
  5. Maroon is soooo purty! I almost bought a maroon MP on eBay last fall, but lost when someone clicked BIN!
  6. Maroon is def one of my favorites, I'd love to have a blake in that color!

    sunshinesmilee, you should keep both!
  7. Thanks, thithi! I guess it's a keeper:yes:
  8. I have a MP in maroon, it is so gorgeous!
  9. I loovveee this colour! There's a Maroon baby stam at Tyson's II in VA @ Saks if anyone is interested. Everytime i go i always say hello and play with it, it's been there for MONTHS!

    PS:: All that just sounded really wrong, haha
  10. OmG.. somebody needs to snatch that baby up!
  11. I have NEVER seen the maroon baby stam!! Wow, that sounds fabulous!
  12. ^^ It realllyyy is! It's honestly one of the best looking MJ bags i've ever seen, and i'm always flabbergasted it's still there!
  13. ^^^i'm guilty of going to dept stores and playing with the bags i love but can't/don't buy as well... i go there and pet them =) i try to control myself incase the SA put me on the blacklist... =P I wouldn't know what to say if the SA goes "why don't you get it since you love it ..."