Maroon and Orange Effect

  1. Are you wearing Orange & Maroon today??
  2. No...Turquoise and black
  3. Orange for me....

    Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer were also in orange this morning, as well as our local morning news anchors... they were in maroon and orange...
  4. Probably not a whole lot of maternity clothes in orange :p .
  5. Just takin a survey?
  6. ^^ Sure, why not :shrugs: .
  7. I'm in VA, so pretty much everyone is in some shade of orange and marroon.

    Guess I am curious if other parts of the country are wearing hokie colors as well...
  8. Of course... it's Hokie Day...
  9. I am not, but I wanted to..but I dont have those colors in my closet :crybaby: but the Hokies are near my heart right now and my thoughts have been with them all week!!!!!
  10. I wanted to, but I don't own anything in those colors (not flattering colors for someone with red undertones in their hair).
  11. I do have orange pants on- doesn't look as weird as it sounds!
  12. Ohhhh... I wasn't aware today was some sort of remembrance day for the VT victims.
  13. lol, there's tons :smile: They make me look like a pumpkin though lol :yes:
  14. Naw...the Huskies' colors are blue and gray so I doubt anyone in CT HAS orange and maroon gear. Most people have sweats/shirts from campusus they live close to, KWIM?
  15. but you'd be a cute pumpkin!! :biggrin:

    I am wearing my orange keds today!