Marni Shoes

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    Just noticed these flats on Marni's website, and I want to order the coffee patent but they only have 37.5 and I'm usually a 38... is anyone familiar with the sizing on these or on Marni shoes in general?

    Based solely on the pics, I think I'm going to love them 1000x more than my Lanvins, even though they're pretty similar. The ivory is gorgeous, but I'm a bit too practical to delve into white shoes [​IMG]

    pics from
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  3. They run pretty true to size. I definitely would not get them in a smaller size than I normally wear though, if anything I'd go half a size larger. LOVE Marni!!! :nuts:
  4. GORGEOUS shoes!!! Please post pix when you get them....
  5. I tried on a pair last night and they ran a little large (but that's the only pair i've ever tried on..)
  6. Marni shoes run pretty true to size, I've never been able to fit into any marni shoe smaller than my regular size. I think you should stick with a 38, especially since its in patent or if anything maybe up 1/2 size, since if going up 1/2 feels too big, you can always put those gel pads inside, but if its too small, I found that trying to stretch out patent leather shoes makes them a bit wrinkly afterwards. Hope this is helpful, and good luck! =D
  7. ^^^
    i agree.
    i'm always true to size with marni shoes.
  8. Those are beautiful!
  9. I like them esp white one!
  10. Can anyone compare the Lanvin flat sizing and fit to the Marni ballet flat? TIA!
  11. i love the white!
  12. Yes! I'm 41.5 in Lanvin and 41 in Marni. HTH!
  13. Girls, resuscitating this thread in the hopes that I can get some input from y'all. Is there anyone (besides me) who owns Marni flats and Lanvin flats and can do a compare and contrast for me? I just bought a pair of Marni flats, and I'm interested to see if anyone else has noticed that the patent leather sort of "pooches" out over the time you wear it (ie: by your instep). Also...anyone ever tried to put a insole insert in their flats to make them a little more supportive?
  14. I'm going to resurrect this thread (again).

    I was curious as to whether anyone has these heels and how they run sizing wise? I badly want the navy/gold version. NAP claims to size down a whole size (which scares me). I'm usually a 37.5-38. TIA! :biggrin: