Marni sale

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  1. There are a LOT of cute bags on sale at Flat shipping rate and free returns. I wrote a really comprehensive blog entry on it if you want to check that out too (sorry for the shameless plug but I spent a lot of time on it!). Hope some of you take advantage of this!
  2. thanks for the heads up. Where's the blog? I want to read it! ;)
  3. It's in my signature. Come visit! Thanks ;)
  4. wow, that is one marni-sized week you dreamed of! nerd, you are such a nerd and i love reading your pieces. they are so witty and well-thought out without sounding as if you're trying to hard. I can read them all day. keep the brain- juice to my mind coming! :jammin:
  5. yay! for marni!!! boo on the still high prices :sad: i love all your pics nerdphanie and your blog - it's very cute!! well done!!
  6. Love your blog! I'll be checking back to see what's new. :yes:

    Lovelygarments aka Annette
  7. yay thanks guys :yahoo:
  8. Just bumping this thread because all the sale stuff is now 50% off!
  9. Cool, thank you for the heads up! I love Marni