Marni Balloon Handbags

  1. Am I the only one who's in love with the new Marni Balloon Handbags!!
    Marni Virtual Store - Bags

    i'm in love!

    what do you think?
  2. wow, these are unique! I love the first and third one on that page, but the metallic silver is a bit too balloony for me. Are you planning on getting one? Which color?
  3. yeah. i want to get the yellow, it looks really young and unusual. or maybe the red, i saw it on the runway and it was so bald and just eye catching.
    i'll have to see them irl first.
  4. I :heart: them!!!! Wonder what US retail is.....
  5. I love that bag! Marni makes such beatiful pieces and completely unique! Unfortch, it's a little on the expensive side but SO Worth it. I even broke down and purchased the $200 handbag charm that went with my $600 handbag. My BF thinks I lost my mind but hey, I'm worth it. Or so L'Oreal tells me. I say, go for it. Can' go wrong with a Marni.
  6. They remind me of the Stephen bag by LV for some reason. I´m sorry but they look a bit cheap to me.
  7. Not crazy about them......
  8. The dark brown one on the right is pretty cool, but I think there are lots of other Marni styles I like better. But man! They are so expensive!
  9. I'm such a Marni fan. I love the yellow one, and I have a feeling it'll be featured on purseblog this week...:graucho:
  10. I've never owned a Marni purse? Any fans out there? What's the quality like on them?
  11. ^ i have one canvas tote from marni and it's pretty good.
  12. I kinda like those bags, but they would be too big for me! I have a few Marnis, and the quality has been good for me. I have this slouchy multi-colored one from fall 2003...OMG, the leather is fantastically soft!! TDF!!
  13. I like them.
  14. I like the blue one