Marni Ballon Bag, blue or mustard???

  1. i am again turning to you peers for help on a bag decision: I found the Marni Baloon Bag in dark blue on sale in a shop here in Geneva, Switzerland. 30% percent off! I like it a lot, it looks great but I am in love with the new mustard coulour, what do you all think??? How come there is nobody posting on these bags, I think they are so casual yet chic. Really interested to hear opinions....
  2. do you have any pics? I dont really know for sure w/o pics but I think I would like the balloon bag in mustard better!
  3. I say go with the dark's on sale and will probably go with more clothing than the mustard. Mustard can be a tricky color.
  4. I have no pics, still deficient on all things high-tech, but you can check the mustard one out at Net-a-Porter. Thanks BreannaMarie, I will consider what you said...
  5. Let me help to post the picture. Is this the bag you are looking for help?

  6. That's it! The blue and mustard versions have blue leather handle and strap though. It is quite a big bag, but it really hangs nicely...I'd better oint out that I only have more classic, lady-like bags, so this for me would be a big change!
  7. I vote for yellow! So cheery :flowers:
  8. I think yellow would be great for spring and be a great addition to your wardrobe, but think the blue would be a better all-around bag in terms of matching outfits and being a year-round bag. If you already have a year round bag or two- go for the mustard!
  9. Mustard definitely! I have the medium balloon bag in mustard and I love it. It's not very bright and I have been carrying it during winter-time too, just to brighten up my dark winter outfits.
    Let us know which one you end up with!
  10. I have to say that, living in a cold, grey city, Princessimp's argument really convinced me. I will see if I can order my "portable sunshine" from here or if I have to get it from NAP! Either way I will try to get my act together and post a pic of it when it arrives! Thank you all, glad to share your views.
  11. Valentina, did you get your bag yet? please post pics. TIA.
  12. my vote is mustard! great for spring..
  13. I vote mustard!
  14. Yellow seems so fun for spring. I had a bag similar to this and got so much wear out of it. Love the Marni style!
  15. I don't know if this thread is still open, sorry everyone about my disappearance but I try to survive three vivacious kids and a hyperactive hubby...I haven't found the Marni in yellow! It was sold out at Net-a-Porter and the shop that carries Marni here soesn't have it, so...I am still hoping to have time to head for Italy and look in Milan, in the mean time I got a yellow B.Romanek clutch that is lighting up my day...