Marni Bags

  1. I love Marni anything - especially the bags/clutches. I don't see a designer forum for Marni. Anybody else? I live in Seattle and have no idea how to get at Marni (are they in Nordstrom?). I did travel to Florence and found an amazing bag at the designer outlets. What about eBay for Marni bags?

  2. I have seen a couple of Marni clutch bags (with the jewels) on Ebay and necklaces etc i am in the UK and i have not seen Marni anywhere other than on Ebay ... maybe it is up and coming and will get more popular
  3. They sell Marni at Net-a-porter and Yoox sometimes.
  4. If you ever come up to Vancouver, they do carry quite a wide selection at Holt Renfrew. Of course, you will have to pay our ridiculously marked up prices....