Marni Bags!

  1. Do any of you have Marni bags? Anything to be wary of? Love them/hate them?

    I was considering buying one online and was curious about what the consensus was regarding them.
  2. Beautiful bags, well made but can be weighty
  3. I think they are toooo BIG!
  4. I was looking at a clutch--how are those? Do they fall apart fast?
  5. I have 2 marni bags, not clutches though, and I LOVE them!!! So fun and youthful. Which clutch were you looking at?
  6. I had a saddle-brown Marni clutch with a cute detachable chain strap. The clasp closure was a bit dodgy which made it a pain to open and close. I ended up selling it. It looked really good but wasn't fun to use.