Marmont or Disco Soho Beige?

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  1. Hi, I'm experiencing the perennial Marmont (small) camera bag or the Disco Soho dilemma. While my top priorities for both styles are black, I find that my lifestyle no longer needs a black bag, so I'm branching out to the nude color.

    I want something under the radar, and can withstand some heavy duty usage, which style do you recommend? Weight is also a consideration. Also, the two beiges are different. At first glance I prefer the Disco Soho beige, but in Marmont, the beige is more of a grayish dusty rose color, which I'm told looks different under different lighting.

    For those of you who own or have contemplated either bags, please share your advice. Thank you!
    PS: I live in southern California where it is sunny ALL THE TIME. So the fashion here is always very light-colored.
  2. I prefer disco. Less trendy. I have had the rose beige for many years and even travelled in Europe with it. Maybe try both and see which makes your heart sing.
  3. I love the marmont!
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  4. Soho Disco - I think from the two you listed it’s more of a classic (or less trendy as someone mentioned above). I have two and it’s the easiest bag to grab & go because it goes with so much of my wardrobe.
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  5. Hi Grande Latte, I have had the Disco in both Rose Beige and Red for years, literally since they first came out... and they still look brand new. No color transfer and the leather is so sturdy. It is truly an incredible bag. :heart:
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  6. I have the Soho Disco, it's enough logo for me. I liked the Marmont in blk/wht chevron stripe and I still like it, however I'm wasn't sure ow much I'd use it
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  7. I love the Marmont beige.
  8. Disco, as I prefer zipper top than flap top. I feel it is more practical for my life.
  9. I own the marmont camera bag in porcelain rose in the mini size. The colour is gorgeous and thanks to the gold hardware and the chain on the strap can be dressed up too which makes it so versatile. I don’t think the logo looks as in-your-face as the marmont flap bag either! It fills all my essentials, but if you wanted a larger size, I didn’t like how the small camera bag looked when I tried it on - too big on me and had a trapezoid shape that I didn’t like. Everyone seems to love the Soho disco but it’s too casual for me. So far I’m super happy with my mini marmont and I’ve used it a ton since I got it around 4 months ago, looks brand new too :smile:
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  10. Soho Disco. I just bought it in red this weekend after also checking out the Marmont. I find the strap on the Marmont to be odd - it should either be mostly chain with a bit of leather at the shoulder or all leather. But it has only six inches of chain on each side which looks very strange to me. I also prefer the pebbled leather on the Soho Disco.
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    I like both equally, but really need to try them on to see how they look on me. I like the look of the Marmont more, but am unsure on the trapezoid shape of the small, or the really small content size of the mini/ fixed strap length. So I'm leaning a bit towards the Soho Disco style-wise.

    Been checking out a bunch of comparison videos on YouTube. Seen a lot of Soho Discos around me, not so much Marmont camera bags.

    In any event I'm ready to buy a Gucci camera bag, I feel that I'll just walk into a store and go with my heart at that moment. Gucci Disco in red sounds divine/ super functional too. At the end of the day, I want something really, really lightweight because I do a lot of walking.
  12. I’m still in love with my Disco. I bought it over two or three years ago. I’m surprised at how much it can fit. If the logo bothers you, just flip the bag around. It is only on one side.
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  13. The disco is a warm beige and the Marmont is a cool pink beige. One will probably go better with your wardrobe.
  14. From this statement, I think you will prefer the Disco! I had a small Marmont camera with pearls for a short bit before selling it, and while it was beautiful, the chain did make it heavier. I found it not uncomfortably heavy, but not ideal for everyday use. Also, from looking at the Marmont camera bags on the major used resell sites, it looks like the suede interior (while beautiful!) gets dirty/pilled somewhat easily. Of course, this is just my observation and I do not know how long the bags were used. One more point - I am not sure how tall you are, but the small Marmont camera fell awkwardly on me (i.e. it was too long), and I was hesitant to get extra holes punched in the strap because the holes are an unusual shape and would be hard to replicate. I believe the mini Marmont camera does not have any size adjustment options on the strap. On the other hand, the Disco has regular circle-shaped holes and it would be very easy for a cobbler to punch extra holes if needed. I've even read about people on here doing it themselves with a leather hole punch and it looked exactly like the other holes already on the strap.

    I think the small Marmont camera is a beautiful bag but unfortunately at the end of the day, it did not suit my needs as an everyday bag. I just got a black Disco and I am looking forward to using it as a daily bag.

    Let us know what you end up deciding on. :smile:
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  15. Hi there. I have the soho disco in the rose. I bought it the spring of 2018 and it's been my everyday bag almost every day since. It's great for running around-- very light weight. I have not compared it to the marmont, but I imagine the chain, even a small amount is going to make it heavier. I have watched a couple of the comparison videos on you tube. And while comparable, I think the square shape of the soho holds more. I sometimes think about getting another color... but the rose is so perfect with everything. I can't say enough about this bag.
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