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  1. I just got a gray Marley from the Nordstrom sale and I am in love! It's perfect.

    But I am also wondering how sturdy/durable it is? I don't wanna ruin it but it's a great size for laptops/books and I was wondering if it would be okay if I put my laptop and a couple books in there? I don't wanna break it or anything!
  2. Hi, fellow Treesje fans! I ended up buying the Marley on the spot on the first day of the anni sale since I immediately fell in love with the leather, color, and design. It's everything I imagined it would be when I laid eyes on it in the catalog shot. Now I'm a convert and obsessing over all the other Treesje styles I like. :love:

    My question is: do any of you ladies spray your Treesje bags with leather protective spray? I love how lush and supple the leather is and I wouldn't want it getting scratched up heavily and possibly ripping. Then again, if I do spray it, I'm afraid it might stain and roughen up that lovely, soft feel. Any advice would be much appreciated, TIA!
  3. I just got my first Treesje, a Grey Turner, which is the same leather as the Marley. I tried to find some answers about protecting the leather, and didn't really come up with anything.

    So I decided to give it a try myself, I sprayed a small area on the bottom of my bag with Apple Rain and Stain Repellant and I found that it darkened the creases of the bag. I decided to not spray it because I didn't want this to happen all over.

    Not sure if anyone else had this experience....