Marley from Nordies, lots of pics!

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  1. Hi there! This is my first post in this subforum (I usually hang out in MJ) but I needed to share my joy over my new Marley in Grey from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I had no intention of purchasing any bags really, but once I got my hands on this during my pre-sailing, there was no doubt that it was coming home with me. Price during the sale is $298, I think it goes up to $598 afterwards. Even at full price I think it would be worth it. The leather is fantastic and the color grey was exactly what I was looking for. Plus the hardware is gunmetal which is a nice change of pace from the usual gold or silver that seems to be the norm on most bags.

    It' a big bag for sure, but that's how I like them. It can be worn crossbody as well as carried on the shoulder by either the double handles or the one longer strap. Very excited about this brand. I'd never really explore much outside of MJ, but glad that I did!:yahoo:

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  2. Love it! I got one too and about to start my own picture thread!
  3. Thanks for the pictures! It's surely a big bag. I might have to go for the mini and this is a nice comparison for me, thanks!
  4. Very nice! I'm a little over 5 ft so it would definitely be too big on me but it looks perfect on you! The style really suits you.
  5. [​IMG]

    I LOVE this bag shop!!
    everything about it is so perfect -- the color, leather shape, size, details.
    I had a Treesje a few yrs back (before the brand became well known) and I just knew that they were going to be something big -- the leathers they use are just gorgeous!!

    I love the look of the leather on this bag -- it almost looks like lambs leather (is it?). Is it very delicate or is it pretty durable? What is the bag lined with?

    I'm going to be at Nordie later this afternoon -- I may just have to check out this bag. thanks for sharing shop!!
  6. how do you presale? Do they just offer it?
  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!:love: It looks great on you! Gray is such a great bag color!!:heart:
  8. I love it! I think Treesje really did a great job w/ all their studded bags. It looks great on you too! It is big, but I'm a believer of "There's no such thing as too big" =P. Thanks for sharing the pics
  9. hey shoppie!! nice to see you over here! I love treesje bags, I got hooked on the asher awhile back. this is the first I have seen of this style, it's so big, I love the look on you. It almost has the same look as our beloved hobo stams! aren't the leathers on these bags to die for! the studs on this give it a very cool look. congrats and great price for it too!
  10. Thanks for the kind words, tejava, raindrop, zombie girl, acschjenn (I agree, there's no bag too big!)

    iluvhandbags - just took a look at your reveal, I love the navy.

    iluvmybags - Did you get to Nordies today? What did you think? I don't know what type of leather specifically, but there was a tag that said italian leather, so maybe it's a lamb from italy, lol. I would say the leather feels pretty substantial and it's nice and soft. The lining is a cloth of some sort (actually am too lazy to go look, so this is from memory). Hope you got a chance to check it out, I'd love to know what you think!

    Zsazsacloset - I knew about the presale b/c I am a Nordstrom card holder. The sale "officially" starts on Friday, but I've picked up all my presale item yesterday. Here's a thread that gives you some information:

    Redskater - *waves hi*, good to see you here too! This bag reminds me a lot of the MbMJ Hillier hobo, another favorite bag of mine. The leather is quite amazing and I'm sure this won't be my last Treesje. I'm hoping the studs give it a cool look, I could use all the cool I can get!
  11. I love that color!! Such a gorgeous grey!! Congrats!
  12. Love the gray, especially with the gunmetal studs! Congrats!!
  13. great choice! gunmetal studs are so unexpected and go great with that grey leather! congrats shop!
  14. Gorgeous bag, congrats! :drool: Yup, this definitely looks like the perfect grey, and the gunmetal hardware is fantastic too. Thanks also for the additional mod pics! Do you mind sharing how tall you are? I'm a big bag girl too, but I'm wondering if even this may be a bit too big for me! :Push: ;)
  15. I did get to Nordstroms, but unfortunately, they only had this bag in the Metallic Silver (which I didn't like). She did find a Blue that had been pre-saled for someone else and I did kinda like it, but I was really hoping to see the grey. She said I could order it and they'll send it to me next week, but I don't know -- I usually like to see my bags in person before buying them (I'm so picky and anal about my bag's condition!!) I really liked the shade of Blue that it was, but the leather didn't look like yours (distressed and veiny). It was really soft and smooshy, but it was really smooth and finished. I would have liked to have seen the grey to compare it.

    I might presale the Blue one, but it's disappointing that I'd have to wait almost 2 weeks before finally getting the bag