Marla's handbag collection

  1. Hi, Here is my collection. First is a photo of all of the bags together, then by designer...(except one photo has a Prada and a Marc Jacobs because I only have 1 of each)...Thanks for looking!
    DSC01424.JPG DSC01426.JPG DSC01428.JPG DSC01429.JPG DSC01430.JPG
  2. two more photos...
    DSC01431.JPG DSC01432.JPG
  3. I had to merge your 2 threads, as per the rules of this Forum, each member is allowed only one Showcase thread.
  4. Great collection!!! LOVE the storage shelves!:nuts: And I am DROOLING over your Prada! BIG TIME!:love: Welcome to tPF and thank you for sharing your gorgeous colleciton with us!:flowers:
  5. Gorgeous collection! I love the closet photo! Welcome to TPF!
  6. Thanks! I loved the Prada when I first bought it, but I don't use it that much for some reason.
  7. HOT HOT HOT collection! Love your Chanels!
  8. that is is gorgeous chanel collection!
  9. oooh... great collection. love the shelves.
  10. Love the Chanel totes and classic flap and the ostrich bags! :drool:
  11. Great collection!
  12. Welcome to TPF- love your LV denim
  13. Love your collection. Love your storage.
  14. very nice :smile: Love your storage
  15. Thanks! I'm glad everyone likes my closet storage (bought at bed-bath-beyond). :smile: