Markups OVER MSRP on Coach in Hawaii?

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    I tried to reply to this in an outdated thread, so it would not let me reply. I included the original post - noting a markup on price of Coach Legacy Duffle in Hawaii, and added my reply below.

    Have others seen this...?
    ... in Hawaii?
    ... in other tourist destinations?
    ... on different makes or models of bags?

    Hawaii may be a clue here.

    I just bought a Legacy duffle in Cognac from Macy's store in Honolulu (Waikiki beach area). It, too, was tagged $448. The MSRP tab was removed from ALL the bags, and the $448 was on a new sticker placed over the original bar code (barcode was not visible or scan-able).

    I found the identical bag on for $348 and showed it to them for matching. They had two deals (stackable) - a 25% sale plus 20%, so I got it for $208 (the stacked percent-off deals off the base price of $348 matched from online). In the end, what I paid was not a best-ever price, but it was LOADS better than FP or higher-than FP.

    I wonder if they do this in Hawaii just because they CAN? (non-specific 'they'). There is SO much shopping there by international visitors- for whom even an inflated price of $448 is much lower than the price they would pay at home, that they must get away with it often enough to make it worth their while. MFSRP is just that - 'suggested retail price' - so I suppose merchants are as free to inflate the prices as they are to discount them.

    It's very interesting to learn that you saw the same markup on same bag in Hawaii - and (from the sounds of it) at a Coach FOS at that. That makes me wonder whether this could be more widespread (at first, I thought it was just Macys -- and just THAT Macy's - because the website showed it as available for pickup at the web price from the Macy's store in the Ala Moana Shopping Center - a bit further (but not much) from the beach strip. Hmm... It was definitely NOT Coach who tagged them that way; in the case of the ones I saw, it was the merchant.

    Things that make you go 'hmmm..."
  2. All Coach is higher priced in Hawaii. It is higher at the Coach stores there too.
  3. Yes, on Maui at outlet the delete msrp was higher than I knew we paid on mainland.
  4. I used to collect/authenticate Tokidoki for LSS bags, and they were priced higher than US retail in Hawaii as well. It's not uncommon because freight, etc is more expensive to get items to Hawaii.