Marking on a Hermes bag-What does this mean?

  1. I just bought this vintage (1979) navy blue box calf kelly and there's a U marked on the leather-what does this mean? Would I be able to get this bag serviced at Hermes? Also the lock doesn't have the dimples on the sides-is this normal? I'm new to Hermes and would appreciate all the help! TIA!


  2. I think it is fine. Would not worry. Maybe someone knows what the u means.
    Looks like a nice bag. Congrats
  3. Hermes will definitely service the bag for you. It looks good to me. Congratulations!! ;)
  4. do you have a pic of the front of bag and close up of stiching
    the stamp is the blind stamp craftsmans id
  5. ^ so the U stands for the craftsman that made the bag?

    here's a couple more pics:

    thanks for everyone's help!
  6. WOW great condition! esp. for a bag almost 30! congrats. Ahhh this is why i buy H, quality is just top notch.
  7. I think I in the circle means it was made in 1979. This Year 2007 is K.
  8. The new kelly has the hooks for the shoulder strap and the vintage doesn't. It is a very nice vintage bag you got. :tup:
  9. Dimpling on the locks is not an authenticity issue. It has been brought up before and we've been finding locks with no dimples, one dimple, or two dimples. These are just normal variants.

    The U is probably the atelier mark and the depressed circle is probably the craftsman ID.

    BTW, nice bag. If you notice, there is no square next to the Hermes-Paris engraved on the strap hardware. This means your hardware is solid brass. They started to use gold plate in the 80's I believe.
  10. thanks for all the useful information! is brass under today's gold-plated hardware?
  11. Yes.
  12. The U means it's kosher. :roflmfao:
  13. one more question: where would I be able to find/buy a storage box, dustbag, and raincover for this bag? Thanks!
  14. I notice your location is close to NYC. I would take the bag into the store on Madison Avenue. They will refurbish it for you and provide a new dustbag as well. They could provide you with a raincover as well. The box, though, may have to be purchased online. The stores don't usually give those away.
  15. ^ would it have to be the madison location? I'm only about 20 minutes from the Hermes at King of Prussia.