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  1. I am so sad. I checked just now (as I was making progress towards the Marketplaza application prerequisites as of the date that I joined tPF), found the updated rules for applying, and saw that the new requirements are 5 months and 500 posts...I'm sure a lot of you who have thousands of posts are thinking, just suck it up:crybaby: and I'm trying. It's just that my goal is now 4 months away instead of right around the corner. I wish I had joined earlier.:cursing: :push: I searched and read the history behind the decisions to increase entrance requirements now and previously, so I understand why something had to change. A major part of the reason I want to join is the peace of mind that Vlad, Megs, and everyone who contributed to the decision is trying to protect. I appreciate that, but I'm wondering if there is another method to help safeguard authentic tPFers. As I have said before, please put the Donate link back and I would love to contribute to the costs of this forum. Maybe a PayPal secured link for purchases where they guarantee items, or use some of the $ to hire someone to concentrate on vetting all participants and transactions thoroughly, or allow everyone to buy (but not sell, obvi) after a certain amount of time (like a pre-sale) for full MP members to have first dibs on an item? :nuts: Okay, yes, I'm clearly going off the rails thinking so hard, but I'm going to be looking for a good solution and I'll try hard to be a big girl about it until then.:hysteric: May take some time, lol. I definently need a new bag to make me feel better!
  2. it doesn't have anything to do w/ $, it has everything to do w/ protecting the integrity of the MP2. It's a true privilege and worth waiting for.
  3. I worths it..hang in there..
  4. Time passes quickly! ***Hugs***
  5. Swanky and bags : I do understand the reasons, I just felt discouraged b/c I thought I was close to being able to apply and instead found out I have 5x more of a wait than originally. My talking about the $ has nothing to do with buying one's way in (I hate that kind of elitist stuff!), but that I would like to contribute (I spoke about this in a paid membership thread before; personally against that idea, but I do want to donate since I'm getting a lot of use out of this place!) and possibly more cash flow could enable better security and more help for Vlad, Megs, and the other mods. Run-on sentence, anyone? I'll be around for awhile, so I'll go practice my patience mantra.:angel: Thanks for responding to what was really more of a whiny vent than anything else!:shame::flowers:
  6. Serendipity3kb : Thanks for the (((hugs)))...a metallic bleu nuit Paddy at a super great sale price disappeared out of my cart early this morning, so it's been kind of a tough day for disappointing surprises. I will survive, though, and find an even better deal and remind myself that my DH will be very happy the longer I have to wait for another place to buy bags!:p
  7. Its a privilege definitely worth waiting for. Hang in there. And until then save your money!:smile:
  8. I understand that no one wants to wait, but it is a decision that will only benefit everyone.

    5 months is quite a while, 500 posts are quite a few posts, together they are attainable. Time will fly. The MP is a very great place we run, but we work really hard to keep ourselves legally in tact, and this should help.

    Not saying anyone who hasn't met the requirements does not sell authentic and is no reliable, just a new rule that we decided on for many reasons.

    Hang in there! You will get there, and we will all be waiting!! :yes:
  9. Megs : Thanks for the response. I'd be posting on this forum, whether or not there were a reward. The people are great and I'm learning so much! I do see all of the reasons for it, just wish I could come up with something to keep shady people from trying to ruin all the stuff I like. :smash: I guess as long as there are dishonorable people in the world, they will be on the internet...probably more so b/c it's easier to be anonymous here. I don't want to sell, just buy, so it's harder for me to understand how that could be abused. Although, I've been hearing some horror stories of scams where buyers return fake bags in place of real ones. :shocked: Anyway, I'm off to post some more, since I just like to talk about bags!:choochoo:
  10. eddavhhr, I'm not eligible yet, either, so I can sympathize. You know you're ethical and trustworthy, and it seems like a long time. Time will pass more quickly when you do just what you mentioned: post because you love discussing purses and all the other topics here.:flowers:
  11. I have thought about applying also. I guess that I will just need to be patient also.
  12. I would love to join too!! I say save your money so that when it IS time you will be READY to go!!!
  13. The time TRULY does fly by! I was shocked when I realized it was time for me to apply. And it is TOTALLY worth the wait. :smile:
  14. aww don't worry! It's definitely worth it & time will fly by very quickly!
  15. yes, time will fly, especially if you enjoy reading and posting on all the different and fun topics on this forum. i can't believe my five months have passed, who would've thunk it? love this forum. keep your eye on the prize!
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