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  1. Hey, Vlad!

    When people apply for access to the Marketplaza, wouldn't it be nice for them to receive an automated email confirming that their application has been received? "We'll be looking at it soon! Keep in mind that applications can take up to a week to process. If you don't hear back from us in about a week..." That sort of thing.

    Points in favor:

    1. It's nice to have that little bit of feedback. If someone's application is rejected, they'll at least know that someone on the other end did indeed receive it -- rule out technical problems and the like. Even if they're just waiting for their application to be processed, it's nice to confirm that it's in the queue.

    2. It could contain a lot of the same stuff written in the application sticky. This serves to reinforce what was said before, or if someone didn't bother to read the sticky or didn't even know it was there (an innocent mistake, if, say, they happened to be using the form to send out site feedback and noticed the "Marketplace Access" option), perhaps they'll make an effort to put together a better application the next time around.

    3. It's good to have a "receipt," too. Again, if someone's application is rejected, an email is an easy way to keep track of when they last applied. "Has it been a week?" If you're feeling extra-nice, you could even include a copy of the original message/application so they'll have that to reference to (should they have not kept a copy for themselves).
  2. Oh My God!! shani you read my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was going to suggest the very exact same things!!!! pretty pretty please Vlad and Megs can we have something like that :shame: automated email notifacations after sending the form and after rejection..
    for example i recall when i sent the form.. when i hit the (send) button.. the page reloaded (posted back to server) and then went back to the form but -an empty one if my memory isnt mistaken-..
    so i really had no idea if the form was exactly sent or not.. :crybaby:
    it would be very user friendly to have such confirmation.. and what is most important of all is to have an automated email sent to user after rejection.. it will serve both as an informative email and as a confirmation that the application has been infact received yet hard luck this time with acception.

    shani thank you for suggesting that:flowers: .. i agree and support all the points u mentioned.. i just emphasised on them to add my voice :shame:
  3. Good idea, I just adjusted my mailbox to automatically respond to an application with a confirmation.
  4. Thanks Vlad.:flowers:
  5. Rock on! :jammin:

    While I'm at it, I'd like to ask for clarification regarding the application instructions in the sticky. I've already posted in the "Questions regarding the Marketplaza?" thread in the General Discussion forum, and maybe I'll have better luck here:

    From my understanding, the instructions state that in order to be eligible for access to the Marketplaza, you have to have been a forum member for two months, demonstrate an active interest in the community, and be respectful of others. I'm given the impression that the application process isn't supposed to be particularly critical, but rather, that it's there to weed out scammers, maintain a sense of community and of security, etc. Easy gravy, right?

    The posts [in the questions thread], however, seem to indicate that many established posters (who had/have been around for substantially more than two months) were initially rejected. Wrote one poster, "I'm sure it's very difficult for Megs and Vlad to turn down people's applications because we are all so enthusiastic and everyone contributes to the forum in some way."

    Now, I am concerned that the requirement goes beyond being a frequent and interested poster and the occasional good samaritan. Further up the thread, Vlad himself has said, "FYI - thousand of lone-liners are not considered contributions."

    The way I understood it from the instructions, to contribute to the community means to:

    - Spend a reasonable amount of time on the forum. If you've been a member for half a year and you've only visited the site twice in that period, you're not displaying very much interest.

    - Put some thought into your posts when the occasion calls for it. This doesn't, I hope, mean that we're required to write good, strong essays with each and every post. Rather, I was given the impression that we're encouraged to put more thought into our posts than "omg I want your purse!" umpteen times a day. (True as it may be...)

    - Contribute to the Site Feedback section: for example, by taking the time to post your ideas or by helping other posters out when you're able.

    Am I on the right track with regards to my understanding of the application process?
  6. ^ i think your on the right track..

    however ( and please vlad, megs, mods correct me if im wrong) the MP is a privelage and in the beggining a privellage for all that ALOT of ppl took advantage of and just gave the mods a BIG headache so they closed it down, after much deliberation tried for a 3rd time.. which is the present MP , now from what i 'hear' there are still issues etc. so obviously they are careful who they let in.. you have to also remmeber that the point of the PF is not the marketplaza but the forum itself, so with ppl that have come after the MP they need to make sure that they are in fact purse loving ppl and not here jsut to 'scam' us...

    this is no way was meant to indicate that you are like that, im just sayin that there are ppl out there like htat .. thats all..

    ok hope all of what i said made sense
  7. Sorry, maybe I misread. But this means you will just get a confirmation of your application, NOT acceptance, right? Because if you do gain access, it will just automatically show up for you instead of saying "Private"?
  8. ^ bump! I'm curious to know the answer to azia's question too.
  9. ^ smurfet, i think i answered my own question. i never got a response the two times i applied and i also read the rules and it says they don't reply so the confirmation is ONLY for the application RECEIPT, not ACCEPTANCE. :smile: hth!
  10. I haven't received any response that my application was received! Maybe that's what's wrong??? Or do I have this wrong?
  11. Tomorrow a big MP app review will happen, so hang on tight!
  12. :yahoo: Thank you for the update!
  13. Good lawd, nearly 500 applications. That may take a while.
  14. Yikes! Maybe I'll wait a little while. Good luck, Vlad!
  15. Vlad, I applied about a month and a half ago. Do you think that app would have been reviewed already or is it in this batch of 500? Just want to know whether I should reapply or just wait. TIA.
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