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  1. i've sent my marketplaza application on sept 3rd and it is still unread, i don't want to send another one and overload the message box, but was it even received? it still says unread. i know to expect that i'm not approved after 3 weeks, but if i'm not approve, it would be nice if the message actually got read first ><
  2. In another thread, Vlad mentioned they had about 500 applications they would start reading. I'm sure they will go through them all, they probably just have not got to yours yet.
  3. how can you tell the message is unread?
  4. There are now at least 600 applications that are unread :yes:

    I am sure we have your application
  5. there is an option before u send the message to get a comfirmation.

    and thanks megs, i hope it gets read soon =)
  6. you need to give it time, there are sooo many applications that they get plus running the forum plus extra work running hte MP im sure it will be read in due time.. be patient it takes time for everyone one
  7. hey, i sent my application in June or beginning of July and i only got my reply a week ago - i already lost my hope ...just be patient :yes:
  8. Hihi,

    I've been a member for over a year now and have really grown to love this forum! At first, I was mostly a lurker and devourer of purse information, but I have come to love answering questions, asking some of my own, and getting involved. :smile:

    I'd love to be part of the Market Place, too, and have already submitted two apps. The first one was never replied to after three weeks, and I sent the second app two weeks ago. I have excellent eBay feedback and a great history of buying/selling authentic bags, and I just don't understand what I did that is stopping me from taking part? :sad: I know the mods are super super busy, but I think it would be nice to have a little feedback (even just a sentence!), so that I know if I did something wrong or if there is something I should be doing to be granted access.

    I feel silly saying this...I really love the forum and have had great interactions with other members, but my feelings are hurt not being part of this "private marketplace club." Can someone help, please?
  9. ^ We don't answer to any of the PMs, unless it is at a time when we are allowing members in. It is just way too much work to let each person know what is going on at all times.

    We are still letting people in... but only a few people at a time. That is just how we do it. It doesn't mean people aren't getting in, it means they are not getting in quickly. We have very strict rules in the MP and it is a lot of work to keep people in and following the rules... so we can only let a handful of people at a time.

    We will get through them all :yes:
  10. i submitted mine in may and got accepted after five months and then i got unaccepted (i didnt do anything bad saying i got unaccepted makes it sound like i cheated someone or somthing but i didnt i promise !!)

    its really worth the wait if i must say so myself :smile:
  11. LOL!

    I must say, when I first registered for tPF, I thought "how cool does that MP sound! I can't wait till I make the minimum requirements & can apply!"

    And then I made the minimum requirements...and decided that I didn't really have anything to sell/trade, so best to leave it those who will use it regulary.

    And after reading how long that waiting list is, as well as how long one might wait to receive a reply & approval.... lol! It might be best to apply "just in case" that the time I'm my application gets read... i'll have double the posting I do now... and probably expanded my collection enough to be able to sell/trade.... and knowledgable enough to know what I'd want to buy 2ndhand!

    Thereby, improving my chances of approval....

    p.s. Vlad, Megs.... I understand & sympathize with your pain of reading applications.... it reminds me of school & how the poor teachers give test/essay ....and the next day students are "did you get the grading done?" even though there were like 100+ of them to get done.

    good luck wading thru!
  12. Ok. I understand. Thanks, Megs!
  13. In an odd way, I'm happy to know that there's a backlog and that there's a very strong possibility my app hasn't been read yet. That way when I hit three weeks waiting next week, I won't automatically assume I've been rejected! This actually kind of gives me hope.
    (How's that for looking on the bright side?! :yes:)
  14. I do have one question on this, though, after thinking about it overnight. Do you have any updated guidance regarding the point at which people should assume they have been rejected (not just not yet reviewed), so we know whether we should consider reapplying? I want to make sure that I don't reapply and make the backlog worse if in fact I just haven't been reviewed yet, but if I were to get ruled out, I would want to wait a while and reapply. It sounds like maybe 6 months post application might be about when we get reviewed, so maybe another 3-6 months after that?

    Or, when you review the apps, do you let people know either way, which would negate this whole question, since we'd then know that we'd been rejected for the moment?
  15. ^ I'm dying to know too.
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