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  1. ladies,
    seems like I can not get in. boo hoo
  2. I have the same problem, there must be some way of getting in, can someone enlighten us?! TIA:flowers:
  3. I think you have to apply to the mods - then they let you know if you're in or need to be a member for at least two months on the boards........

  4. i did , two times!
    tpf may have thousands of appliers to go thru or even millions!!!!!!
  5. I'm not in either yet!! arcangel you probably need to be a member a little longer at least - the only thing I'm wondering is that I don't have much selling on e-bay experience if that helps! I don't know - I just tried again...
  6. Just go through the thread in the General Disc forum that Vlad posted- it provides instructions as to how to apply and how the process works.
  7. no need to start your own discussion about it. ALL comments and questions are to be in the thread that Vlad started.
    Complaining won't help ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.