1. Vlad and Megs
    Do you think you could add SUB FORUMS to the Marketplace in the BUY/SELL/TRADE area? It seems like the boards are getting so big and its hard to sift thru all of the WTS posts. I know I personally only want to buy certain designers. What doyou think? It might be more efficient.
  2. I was thinking the same, but would that be way to much work for you Vlad and Megs?
  3. I think it would be nice to subdivide or archive the items in the WTS/WTB forum that have been bought/sold. I don't like having to sift through a dozen replies before getting to the one that declares the item sold, you know?
    I also agree that having subsections for popular designers would eliminate some of the clutter.
  4. Sounds like a plan, ladies.

    I think we'll arrange it so it'll be the seller's/buyer's responsibility to close the thread once an item of interest was traded.

  5. Oh that is great news! I have to thank you for making the marketplace in the the forum. Its so nice being able to deal with online friends. Really takes the scary out of selling/buying online.
  6. Great idea Selena!
  7. ITs my first good idea all month! :amuse: I am brain dead lately. The kids are all home for spring break.....I need a valium! LOL

  8. maybe you guys can separate it into bags/clothing/shoes or something? might be a little easier to view.
  9. LOL

    I am dreading the summer.
  10. This week was like a scary flash forward of what I like to fondly call
    "THE SUMMER FROM HELL". I swear to god! My kids are soooo high maintenance. I love them to death but I dont get it. When I was a kid I would go outside and my mom wouldnt see me until it got dark. My kids go out for five minutes...and the yelling begins..."we're thirsty", "there are bees", "Can we have ice-cream" "Its hot out" ect ect ect.


  11. Thats why they invented SUMMER CAMP! My daughter LOVES hers and cant wait for it!!(5000 dollars later..and thats just for DAY camp!LOL!!)
  12. and to somehow close threads that have sold their items too! or move them elsewhere so we don't clutter the search:smile:
  13. ^

    OMG!!!!!!! $5K on summer DAY camp! :insert fainting smiley here!
  14. Vlad is going to be working on more categories also... we have some great ideas in mind! Thanks for all the helpful hints ladies
  15. Thanks Megs! does "more categories" mean that you may separate clothes from shoes from handbags and so on as Fayden mentioned? if so, I think that is a great idea.