Marketplace updates

  1. In order to give us less work with the Marketplace, permissions have now been updated.

    Unless you have 75 posts and have been a member for 30+ days, you can not post threads in the WTS or WTB section. Regular members are still welcome to participate but can not post new sale items or buy requests.

    The forum manages the permissions every hour. So should you hit the requirements and you're eager to sell or request an item, give it an hour max.

  2. Sounds good. Thanks Vlad!
  3. Many thanks Vlad
  4. So the requirement was 100 posts before, and now it's only 75 posts?
  5. Forgive my ingnorance but are permissions something new? Is that some sort of new procedure? My brain is fuzzy this am..sorry :shame: .
  6. it's 75 now so that vlad didn't have to build a separate permission for the WTS and WTB threads - 75 is a happy medium. what's different is that the mods or admins used to have to approve all threads manually, but now the board program will approve them once an hour without us having to prompt it. less work for us! yay!
  7. I don't understand this part. Would anyone please explain it to me?

  8. Members who have less than the required 75 posts can still reply to threads, but cannot post WTS or WTB threads. They can still post after the original WTS/WTB thread is posted by the member with 75+ posts.

    Am I right?

    I hope that made sense, BTBF :shame:
  9. Precisely right. This means that regular members still can buy from sellers or sell to buyers, they just can't initiate a sale or a request for a buy until they reach the requirement.

    The threads now go through immediately, if you meet the reqs.
  10. I see. Thank you both :smile:
  11. That sounds fair.
  12. Very cool. Thank you!
  13. Thanks Vlad! I love the marketplace and agree some sort of rules will keep both buyers/seller happy.
  14. LOVE this!!!! My WTS post was there immediately! BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  15. All sounds very fair - thanks Vlad!