Marketplace Testimonial

  1. HI,

    I just wanted to quickly share with everyone my experience with the marketplace. I have been lucky enough to buy and sell a few bags here thanks to the help of this forum.

    I am thankful that in the purse forum we have a positive environment where we can feel safe to buy and sell with confidence.

    I've had wonderful experience buying and selling with Cat, ~Marie~, Sweetea and Sanguar and I can't say enough great things about these ladies.

    Happy to be a part of the foum and look forward to many more late night chats about the handbags that we adore and searcing for great deals in the marketplace.

    Thanks Vlad, Megs and all the mods. :biggrin:
  2. i love the marketplace too :love:......i've always been too nervous to buy anything off ebay, but i've bought two things from the marketplace and both transactions have been smooth, painless, and completely wonderful (they were both bought from smallfry who's great :P i'd totally recommend anybody buying from her....i bought a wallet from her friday late afternoonish and i got it saturday morning)......

    i've also sold to texaschic and mercedes, and it never would've occurred to me to sell anything i own if it weren't for the marketplace (not sure if that's good or bad)......and they were wonderful buyers :shame:

    and of course vanojr9 was nice enough to ship me a coach pouch from the outlet near her so i can't say enough wonderful things about her :lol:.....i love :love: love the marketplace and the PF in general......i've had no bad experiences and all the ladies have been wonderful

    i second iluvbags thank u to vlad, megs, and the mods....i know they work incredibly hard so that we can have the forum and i really really appreciate it
  3. I Love the marketplace I always check it out, always!
  4. I'd like to add to the list, I've sold a number of items to several lovely ladies who were the perfect buyers, lots of communication, prompt payment and just no hassle ! I'm really thankful that there is a venue like this for people that are genuine, and not out to jerk people around (that are randomly encountered on eBay). Thanks to the mods, and the M&V team for making it all happen ! :biggrin:
  5. thanks iluvbags :smile: that was so nice of you to start such a positive thread to share our experiences :smile:
    i've sold twice in the marketplace to iluvbags and twinklette and both times were such a pleasure!! i think it's so much better than ebay because you get to know the person instead of a "faceless" so to speak transaction.
    thanks so much to megs, vlad and the mods for creating our little trading post!! :smile:
  6. Love The Marketplace! Becca has been wonderful as well :]
  7. Cat and Clinkenwar have been great buyers!
  8. Adding emmuna to the list, she bought my whiskey paddy! :nuts: It was a great transaction, she couldn't have been nicer :love:

    Yay for The Marketplace :nuts:
  9. Maybe there should be a sticky for testimonials until the feedback forum's in place?
  10. First let me say I think this thread needs a Sticky :biggrin:.
    Glad you took time to start the thread Iluvbags ;) .

    I've purchased from IntlSet,sold bags to Iluvbags,minicoop,and Sweetea.
    All transactions have gone smoothly and each of the ladies were an absolute pleasure to do business.

    I'd like to thank Vlad and Megs for making it possible to do business with such a great bunch of ladies.:biggrin:
  11. Had a seamless experience selling to Snowwhite--hope you're still enjoying the b'bag!
  12. YES, I am loving the bag!!! Thank you!

    I would like to add that my buying experience with Susan-eric was excellent--I highly recommend her as a seller. We didn't use the marketplace for this sale--it was initiated during a discussion within a thread--so we may not be able to use the feedback system. At any rate, I would most definitely give her positive feedback.
  13. jc2239 and swedie were both wonderful sellers. So easy to deal with and painless transactions (not to mention: quick!).

    like I've said before: I LOVE this place~!