Marketplace status?

  1. I checked previous threads in regards to the Marketplace and temporary closure from May and early June. I noticed that Vlad updated the instructions/announcement post June 21st and there hasn't been anymore discussion regarding it since then. So I'm wondering....does this mean the Marketplace is now open for applications again? Because the closure is not indlcated in the instruction post.

  2. anyone? am i supposed to e-mail Meg or Vlad about this?
    i know we're not supposed to discuss MP but....I have looked for the answer and cannot find it.
  3. Applications are now being accepted to the MP again....Please follow the instructions as to how to apply ......
  4. ^ thanks for letting me know. i just wanted to make sure this time because i followed the instructions last time but didn't know of the closure.
  5. Related to this: If I applied right before it was announced that applications were no longer being accepted, should I reapply or hope that my original application will be reviewed?