Marketplace items sold

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  1. The market place WTS section is getting quite long. Would it be possible to remove listings/label them in the title/group them separately when items have been sold. It can be quite a pain to look through every single posting just to find out that it is gone. Of course, it would be for the sellers to update the listing or inform you directly!

    n.b. eh, unless there is already something like that... if so, pls delete this post! :shame:
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  2. i dont now but good idea.
  3. It's a great idea, but I don't know any of us that has the time to pilfer through them to check on if they sold. If anyone's has sold please let us kow and we'll purge your thread ;)
  4. I moderate another forum and when topics are closed, we have the ability to go in and edit the topic title. It could be edited to "closed", or "sold". I haven't looked at this board enough to know if the software allows it.
  5. I don't think you can, one of us can, but at that point we may as well free up the space and bandwidth.
  6. My suggestion is to delete posts that are over 1 month old. Most of the time, those old posts are at the last page of the marketplace and no one is going to go through the old posts (the last few pages on the market place). So if it doesn't sell in a month, i don't think it'll ever sell. This will help the moderators to not have to go through post by post to see if the item has sold or not.

    Just my two cents. :noworry:
  7. I don't know . . . I have a thread in there that's more than a month old, every once in a while I bump it up. We have SO many new people register here every day.
  8. The solution would be for the seller to private message a moderator about a sold item and then we could delete the post; however, then there would be no record the sale ever took place or any visual proof of the item(s) that were for sale.
  9. If keeping them for reference is necessary maybe a sold thread and move them there?