Marketplace - Closed Until Further Notice

  1. Some of you thought it would come to this, many certainly wished it wouldn't. However, Megs and I decided today to close the Marketplace until further notice.

    I mentioned this yesterday, and I will mention it again today. tPF is not a trade forum, or an auction house. tPF is a discussion board.

    We kindly ask of you to finish any ongoing transactions off the board. In that case, please request the email or phone number of your trading partner and complete the transaction via the means other than PM.

    Any futher trading, including offering items for sale or posting requests are no longer permitted.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Vlad & Megs
  2. Understandable.
    But I'm a little sad.
  3. Can we use pm to request contact info? I am sorry that it has come to this and I'm sorry this has taken up your time Vlad and Megs.
  4. You may PM someone and request their personal e-mail addy and/or phone #.
  5. this is too bad that it came to this. but very understandable. i'm sure you didn't come by this decision lightly. again, thank you both for hosting this forum. it's such a great place, with or without the marketplace.
  6. Yes, of course you can PM to finish your transaction. Any new transactions through tPF are no longer permitted.
  7. I think this is probably the right thing to do -- for your own liability protection Vlad and Megs, at least until the legal issues are sorted out.
  8. I had one successful transaction and was looking forward to future ones.

    I'm sorry to see it go for now, but thank you for all the explanations. I can only imagine how much time it took on your behalf, Megs and the Mods for the transactions that went awry, when it was clearly stated that all transactions were not the responsibility of the forum.

    Thanks for all the efforts in keeping it going and the purse forum!
  9. I'm very sad, and hope that in the near future it will be re-instated.
  10. Vlad,
    I must admit that I am relieved for you and Megs. Yes, the Marketplace was a nice feature, but it certainly wasn't the reason why I come to tPF. I hope you don't get any PM's (nasty or otherwise) urging/pleading/begging you to re-open it. Here's to the wonderful discussions and obssessions we will continue to share at tPF. :biggrin:
  11. Cheers! :biggrin:
  12. Wow-only here a short time-but am going to miss it tremendously. May I ask why it was decided for it to come down altogether instead of implementing the rules that you had come up with?

  13. I'm sad as well. But after the way people were jumping in and demanding things left and right or bringing up legal matters in the other thread, I can't blame Vlad and Megs for shutting down the marketplace.
  14. Your decision is certainly understood. Thanks for all of everyone's effort in keeping the forum fun. It sure has grown!
  15. Thank you Vlad and Megs. Although I will miss the Marketplace, I understand and respect your decision.