MarketPlace Basic Selling Requirements???

  1. Hello -

    I love this Forum, but I am getting frustrated that so many sellers completely forget to include BASIC selling info in their initial posts!

    They forget to include dimensions, purchase place and date, season of bag, etc... and they don't even state if it's new condition or not!

    Then, reply after reply, are questions asking over and over, what the seller should have stated in the first place! And now people have clothes up w/ no sizes, no brand/label name and no condition of the wear. And don't even get me started w/ the pricing questions... ugh...

    People need to realize not everyone knows the dimensions of a MJ Stam, a LV bag, or knows what season Chloe made what, when. And not everyone knows what a bag originally retails for. There are a lot of people here just expanding their collections and looking outside of their normal comfort zone... and it doesn't make it any easier w/ all the inconsistencies between the sellers.

    I hope that this doesn't sound too whiney... that is sincerely not my intent.... it's just something I wanted to voice MY opinion on... and if no one else agrees w/ me, that is OK! I'm NOT here to argue, nor am I here to be attacked about MY PERSONAL views... ESPECIALLY b/c I have not named any names, nor are my examples above taken from any specific post.

    At any rate... thanks for letting me post my opinion. And I sincerely hope not to be attacked by the masses, which I find in MY opinion to occur very quickly here.

    Kind Regards. :amuse:
  2. Its valid. Really the more info the better, of course.
  3. Yeah, but questions are what keeps the posts going. And if people are turely interrested, they dont mind asking questions.
  4. Agreed on all counts - it is a good idea to put as much basic info up as possible, like the original price paid, rough guide price, dimensions and a clear and precise explanation of pictures - but i think it's also good to with-hold a little info to keep buyers interested in asking questions, thereby keeping the threads going as ranskimmie said.:biggrin:
  5. I agree
  6. I also agree that the listing should include basic information such as a brief description, condition, dimensions, detail pictures etc. but I don't think listing the original price paid is a must since that is nobody's business.
  7. I apologize if this whole thread just came out of left field. And I agree that you want the buyers to ask questions about your handbags. I think that at the time when I wrote this post I was a bit frustrated that people could not or would not even include the basics... I mean, just post the measurements, at LEAST!

    ^ Vixy - yes, I agree w/ you that the seller does not have to post the amount they paid for the bag... but if asked, they should be able to tell the buyer the RETAIL price, which is not the same as the ACTUAL price paid.

    At any rate... happy buying and selling ladies!!! :amuse: :amuse: :amuse:
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  9. I agree.
    An interested buyer will ask detailed follow up questions, but the seller really should include as much basic info as possible. If you want your item to move quickly, it behooves you to share as much info as possible right from the get go.
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  11. I have bought several bags on the marketplace and will concur with some of the remarks already posted on this thread.. because I am new at buying some of the bags, I am not always aware of their dimensions (although I guess I could always easily check it online) but it makes a lot of sense to buyers like me to have basic information such as dimensions, quality of the bag, season it was from, and most of all, the price.. I know ppl want to be pm'ed so u can weed out real potential buyers from non-potential buyers but it just makes it a lot easier for me to look through the threads and see if I can afford it so I don't bother the seller with my questions if I can't even afford the bag in the first place.. but I would have to say though, all my experience buying from the marketplace had been positive so far... n sellers r always willing to answer the questions I have posted to them..
  12. I agree. Maybe Vlad/Megs can create a template that sellers can fill in and attach their photos to. Also I'd like to know where the item is (ie. State, europe, etc).
  13. While I agree with most of what has been stated here (dimensions, condition of bag, etc.), the "price" is where it gets kind of sticky.

    The "retail" price is somewhat subjective, depending on where it has been bought (US versus Europe, including Tax or VAT, etc.). In addition, the "asking" price is also subjective. While I personally don't believe in "gouging" folks (I would rather just recoup what I paid - especially if the bag is new and never used), other folks don't necessarily feel that way. Some folks feel that a 'rare' bag should warrant more (sometimes even more than retail).

    When I first suggested the whole Sell/Trade area to Vlad and Megs, it was definitely with caveat emptor in mind. The seller is responsible for providing information around authenticity, dimensions, etc. - BUT ... the buyer should also do their homework. If you've been dying to purchase a particular bag (e.g., Balenciaga or Chloe for instance), it might behoove you to go to a store and take a look at the bag. Get an idea for the colors, the leather and more importantly, the prices. If you are not situated near to where the designer good(s) are within viewing distance, then do some research online. There are some wonderful and EXTREMELY informative websites available which provide some very comprehensive information (colors, dimensions, retail costs) - for instance: for Balenciaga bags.

    My "beef" is that [somehow] some folks on the forum have got it in their mind that they are going to be able to get high-end designer goods for cheap!! While I have had mostly positive experiences with the folks here (in both Selling & Buying modes), there are a few whom which I hope that I never hear from again (and actually started to think that eBay was better - egad!).

    There used to be a major retailer in New England (US) whose motto was "an educated consumer is our best customer ..."; I couldn't say it better!