Marketing Company Dress Code

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  1. I'm starting a new job on Monday at a marketing firm. They have a very flexible dress code, basically as long as you're comfortable and presentable. When I went for my interviews I noticed that everyone really is all over the place in terms of how casual/dressy they go, but everyone seems pretty stylish.

    I've been in a corporate business casual environment for years and my usual go to for work right now is dress pants, blazer and heels but that seems boring for this kind of company so I'm looking for ideas for how to spice this up. In the summer I wear a lot of pencil skirts with heels and a blouse, but again that seems boring. My "casual Friday" look is usually skinny jeans, fitted t shirt, and booties/sandals. My body type is petite hourglass and I'm on the short side.

    I'm trying to view this new job as a way to reinvent myself, I've felt like I've been in a rut for a long time lately and I'm really excited for the possibilities that I'm facing.

    So, I'll get to my point! Does anyone have ideas for clothing for my new company or blogs that they could direct me to?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't think what you described is boring, but instead of swapping out a new wardrobe, maybe try adding more trendy shoes (e.g., rockstuds) or accessories with your business casual outfits. Another suggestion would be to amp up your lipstick or nail color.

    You also didnt mention if you were in a managerial or leadership role. I'd take stock of how the senior ppl dress as well.
  3. hmmm im thinking about these outfits:

    1. black A-line or pencil mini skirt+white camisole+ navy/grey/black blazer (that hit your butt or a little bit more)+necklace
    2. indigo blue or coated skinny jeans+white, navy or black camisole+navy, black or white blazer
    3. flare mini dress with 3/4 sleeeves with round neckline and necklace
    4. midi pencil dress or pencil midi skirt+sweater
    5. mini flare skirt+shirt with 3/4 sleeves
    6. pencil midi skirt+crop top+blazer

    everything goes with pointed toe high heels in black, dark blue, burgundy or nude. depends.
  4. My position is kind of weird, I'm not managing people (although that may change), but I report directly into the Senior VP, so it's classified as a Senior Management role.

    Thanks for the tips! I've been thinking about getting some rockstuds but I couldn't get away with them at my current job, so that's a great idea!

    Thank you so much for the suggestions, I'll add them to my shopping list for this weekend :smile:
  5. Are there any local boutiques you like. Maybe ask a SA who's style you like of ideas. Don't feel obligated to buy. You can always go back later and see if you still like the look.

    Maybe a few interesting tops would be a way to ease into a new work outfit. You can wear them with your existing bottoms.

    Rockstud shoes sound like a great start.
  6. you can style your existing wardrobe more edgy, like if you are wearing classic button up shirt, roll up the sleeve and do a half tuck and go with skinny pants instead of trousers cut. Or if you are wearing a pencil skirt, wear it with trendy tops. I also agree with previous comment about power of trendy shoes, fringe details are huge, so a pair of Aquazurra or alike will make your outfit come across trendy.

    Also try to change your style a little bit at time or you will not be comfortable. Don't forget nice fresh trendy hair cut or color could elevate your look, too. It's not just the outfit.
  7. I love printed blazers or blazers in fun colors (Zara usually has great options) to jazz up neutral outfits. I always look at Pinterest for work outfit inspiration.
  8. I went out and got a couple of tops that I thought would be a little too "out there" for my previous job and that seemed to work. I haven't pulled the trigger on the rockstuds yet though, but I will :biggrin:

    Thanks! I actually already do all of those things, so I think that has helped me transition. I always wore skinny dress pants, half tuck, etc.

    My favourite outfit so far since I started working here has been a white/black/aqua/fuschia floral print pencil skirt with a chambray shirt casually tucked in and sleeves rolled up. I got a LOT of compliments!

    I find I'm fitting in here more than I thought, and my style from before fits in better too.

    Fun coloured blazers have been my go-to so far! Yesterday I wore a kind of neon yellow one with light skinny jeans and nude heels!

  9. Great! Sounds like you have discovered a place where you are a good fit. You fuchsia floral pencil skirt sounds great.
  10. Jazz your looks up with accessories - I think the current trend of minimal jewellery is really stylish and would go well with your current wardrobe.