market value

  1. could someone please tell me how much the purse style is? danke. :smile:
  2. The Purse was discontinued so practically the only place you'll find one will be on eBay now, or in a consignment shop. Prices will vary depending on demand, but you can see what the original price was by going to and looking under Motorcycle Reference.
  3. really it was?...carmen electra has a pink that the same style thats been discontinued?
  4. There's a style of Balenciaga that's called "Purse." There's another style called "City," another called "First," etc. Lots more. Are you asking specifically about the Purse? IIRC, Carmen Electra is carrying another style.

    At any rate, the "Purse" style is discontinued - and at present, there is no color pink in production either.

    There is a special Limited Agenta of a pink color (Magenta) coming out in August - preorders are available at BalNY.

    You can find the seasons of all the colors here,
    at the wonderful ateliernaff.blogspot on Balenciaga.

    There was a pale pink in pre-Spring 06. The same site also has the prices.
  5. I think Carmen Electra has been photographed w/a pale pink purse, hasn't she? I don't know, I get them all mixed up after awhile.
  6. I know Carmen has a pink purse - but I don't know which one. I should go check, shouldn't be too hard to find.
  7. I found two pictures of her (on the Celebrities Wearing B-Bags thread) - one is pink:


    This was labelled Carmen Electra, anyway. Looks like a first to me. Probably Rose (04? 05?) And then this looks like maybe a calcaire or a pale rose First (it's definitely a First, of course, just don't know the color):

  8. She definately has a pale pink purse. I don't know how to post the link but if you go to the celebrities thread, the picture is in there. I wanted one after seeing that photo and I couldn't figure out who it was for the longest time so that's how I know. I will try to find the picture for you.
  9. The picture of Carmen Electra with her pale pink purse is on page 52 of the celebrity thread.
  10. If you are looking for one, I think you might find one on eBay right now.