Market Value for Slightly Used Weekender

  1. An ideas on an approx. market value for a slightly used Balenciaga Weekender? Details: Summer 2006, white, carried for one week. Pristine condition. $1499 brand new. I am considering buying one from a friend and co b-bag fanatic and neither of us know a reasonable market value upon which to base my purchase price. Have only purchased brand new to the point. Thanks for any feedback!

  2. Well ... here's the thing ... what are HER other opportunities to sell the bag? In my opinion, sales have been HORRIBLE as of late! Some really super bags (even some rare colors/styles) have been going for a lot less than retail. However, given this is a friend, you don't want to offer something that's really insulting.

    I would probably offer anywhere from $1195 - $1295 ... it's a year old and even though in pristine condition, it's probably a lot more than she would get if she tried to sell it on eBay or elsewhere. Just my opinion ..
  3. I agree. Only the rarities are selling at super-high prices right now.
  4. Thanks, Girls! We struck a deal @ $1,195! Picking her up tomorrow!
  5. That's great! I got a brand new Vermillion Weekender for just under $1200 (not for me though :sad:)!