Market Tote in Jade @ thehipchick; Petulia's Folly - older MA colors incl. Emerald!

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  1. I posted this in the codes section too, but if anyone is looking for the Jade Market Tote, Emily Grace just got it as well and has 30% off until the end of April with code DCEG
  2. Is anyone else having a problem with checking out at Petuila's Folly, everytime I try it gives me a SQL error right at the end of confirmation and I don't even know if the order went through or my card was charged or not!
    BTW do they have any discount codes?
  3. I don't think Petulia's Folly has any discount codes.

  4. hey, which bag are you ordering?
  5. ^^MAB in Emerald/or dark green as it says there, but something wromg with the site :cursing:, I emailed them but no one replied yet!
  6. I also missed a great deal on the Botkier Small Byrant Shoulder, only $239, stupid website! :cursing:
  7. on the phone w/ them right now...they're really nice, just call them up! ordering the berry MA right now! after they sell mine, theres only 1 more berry MA.
  8. PS: they only have 1 emerald MA! according to Jackie (the girl i talked to), its a beautiful green just 1 shade lighter than a forest green. the bag is selling for $565, go go go!
  9. Yay, Petulia's Folly is one of my favorite stores in Philly, I'm glad people were able to find some older styles there.
  10. So glad I openned up this thread. Thank you momo...I just ordered the Berry Morning After :tup:
  11. you're welcome! i cant wait for it to get here! this is gonna be my first MA...i usually get Minis :P
  12. ^^I don't want to make a long distance call! I wish they just answer my email.
    Congrats on the bag!
  13. Berry MA!!?? from Putlia's folly?
  14. That's a great deal on the Market Tote!