Market sling from Serena and Lily

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    Has anyone used this sling before? It was featured on today and it is beautiful! A little pricey at $129 but I love it!

    I am thinking on splurging! Would this be suitable for a newborn (obviously positioned different than in the picture on the site)?
  2. I'm sure it can absolutely be used for a newborn. That IS a bit pricey though....if you can splurge than go for it! If not, I know there are tons just like it for more than half the price.:tup:
  3. ^^ my thoughts too.
  4. I just bought a sling from HugaMonkey...they are inexpensive and I figured if my LO doesn't like it, it's OK coz I didn't spend a whole lot on it.
  5. Does anyone know if the S&L Sling hurts your neck or shoulder? Being that it only goes over one shoulder I'm wondering if it would hurt over a period of time.
  6. ^it doesn't look comfortable IMO, but it IS pretty.

    off topic, but I just went on from ms.fashionista's post and saw this guy: is that really the best male model they could get??
  7. My hugamonkey sling came today & so far, DS is digging it. The material is soft & it doesn't hurt my shoulder at all b/c it has a wide strap that distributes weight really, it was $25!!!!
  8. ^^I think I may have spoken too soon. Put DS in the sling when I got it and he seemed to be enjoying it. I only had him in it for about 10 minutes before I fed him and we played a little. I tried to put him back in it so I could pick up the house...and he screamed....and hasn't stopped for about 20 minutes now. Maybe I am using it wrong but it seems like his neck is at a weird angle and the position of his head isn't very comfortable for him.
  9. Does not look comfortable! The shoulder portion looks too narrow, all the weight will be borne there, you are bound to get a terrible backache sooner or later. The most comfortable slings/pouches have broad shoulder material.

    WOW those are dirt cheap!!

    Yeah I think you insert him wrongly, common mistake most mothers new to slings make. I'm not familiar with the Hugamonkey, but most pouches (slings are different actually) have a horizontal seam. Wear the pouch then adjust it so the seam is lined in the middle of your chest. Hold baby over your shoulder (the side that does not have the strap) horizontally by his feet tucked into his body, insert him feet first and align the seam along his bum and spine. He will be facing you, this is the easiest position for young babies until they can hold their head up without support, and most favored by them - it immediately calms hyperactive babies.

    See video for more tips:

    I bought my fleece pouch from here
    Not that cheap but their sale section has good bargains. Don't worry about left or right hander you just switch shoulders.

    I have the Baby Bjorn, the above fleece pouch from Kangaroo Korner, and a cotton sling from Out of the 3 I like Baby Bjorn best but DS loves the KK fleece pouch best.
  10. Hahaha!
  11. I agree that the Market sling does not look comfy, but it is very cute. Pricey, though.

    I used a New Native with my babies. I loved the versatility, the fact that I could fold it up and tuck it in a handbag, and that is was machine-washable. If you just watch the photos on this page, it demonstrates how this sling can be used from newborn to toddler (it took a little practice for me, but my babies loved being in a sling, so I had lots of opportunities to practice!):
  12. Oops I meant vertically.